Why would we need 67,000 drug stores you ask? No, that’s not a misprint–it’s just a SICK fact!! Most of us can remember a time in our lives when only one drug store would service a whole community. Each section of town had one small independently owned drug store.

I also remember at that same time it only took one person to work the entire pharmacy. You could also get a prescription filled in around 8 minutes. Today it takes a minimum 1/2 hour from a staff of 5.

Thirty years ago when drugstores starting popping up on every corner our first thought was to assume it was nothing other than big business taking over again. Most of us just assumed it was about money.  Oh, it was!!  We just didn’t have a clue how much money and what else was coming.

The pharmaceutical companies saw it coming. The WWII generation was retiring and 76 million baby boomers were becoming middle-aged. Remember the WWII generation is the one where folks smoked filterless cigarettes and drank hard liquor most of their sick lives. And then their 76 million kids came along who were nicotine, drug and alcohol addiction dependent before they even left the womb. These same helpless children have now spent their entire lives consuming lethal doses of chemically processed fake food. Are you starting to get the picture folks?

Almost everyone we know is consuming at least one prescription drug on a daily basis. 76 million innocent sick people = a drug store literally on every corner of America. America spends 2 1/2 times more on healthcare than any of the wealthier industrialized countries. We are also the sickest country amongst them. Why you ask? Because we keep consuming the newest best drugs that are certainly going to cure us of any disease that comes along. How do we know this? Because television commercials and magazine ads tell us so!

Well let me ask you just one question, how’s that working for you? So if an ad tells you which car or appliance to buy, do you run out and purchase it?  I hope not. If you do, then you are easily marketed and not making healthy decisions for yourself.

It’s time to wake up America and face the music. Not to worry, the music you need to face will actually be quite a pleasant surprise when you receive your next blood test results after simply changing your diet.

My suggestion:  start a garden and get to your local farmer’s market fast. Eat fresh naturally grown food from God’s green earth and I really don’t need to tell you what happens next.  Follow my guidance and you will discover the good news soon enough for yourself!

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.


I say this because most people I speak to have the impression that flax is just for old sick people. Not so folks. Not eating flaxseed is equivalent to not drinking water–in my opinion.

Flax is one of the healthiest omega-3 fatty acids on the face of the earth and a pure rich source of fiber for your body.  It is what linen (linseed) is made from and is grown in cooler environments and especially around the Canadian Rockies.

Flax has been used for healing purposes in humans dating back thousands of years.

Just 3.5 ounces of flaxseed has 27.3 grams of fiber, 18.29 grams of protein and 42.16 grams of healthy saturated fat.  All that in these tiny little seeds!

Flaxseed has very high levels of thiamine (B-1), magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, B-6, and moderate levels of niacin, folate, potassium, iron, riboflavin, and vitamin C.  As you can see flaxseed is loaded with heart-healthy and thyroid boosting saturated fats, B-vitamins and enough fiber to last you all day.

I personally consume between 2 and 3 tablespoons of flaxseed daily. Because of its great fiber content it is a wonderful ally for weight loss. It will fight cancer and heart disease and help you to reduce your cravings for processed sugar.

Studies also prove that flax reduces your total and LDL cholesterol levels. Because of its rich source of omega-3 fatty acids it has also been proven to help metabolize your thyroid and bring it back to a healthy level it once was.

Flaxseeds are also without a doubt the very best source of lignans on the planet.  Lignins are polyphenols found in fibrous plantlife foods like beans and fruits and vegetables and assist in bone structure.

The digestive health benefit that you receive from flaxseeds is unequaled from any other source. There is just no reason that any human should ever be bothered with constipation or digestive issues with flaxseeds at their disposal.

One of the most obvious reasons to add flaxseed to your daily diet is that it has been well documented to help with obesity.

So again no, it is not just for old sick people. However, it might just help keep you from getting old and sick!

I speak to people every day about flax and some have never even heard of it.  Some of these people are body-builders I meet in the gym on a daily basis, many of whom have actually laughed at my reference to flaxseed.  Most of these uninformed folks are usually drinking some sort of colored sugar water with claims to having electrolytes and body-building ingredients in it.  Mmm, BUYER BEWARE!  As a body-builder, you most certainly want to add ground flaxseed to your breakfast or smoothie before heading to the gym for maximum muscle growth.

You can sprinkle flax over your salad or put it in your nightly yogurt, but never use it in baked goods.  The omega-3 oil in the seed is the healthy part. When the seeds are cooked it dries the oil and certainly kills the anti-inflammatory punch that it has.

To be effective in the human body flaxseed has to be ground so I personally use a cheap coffee grinder to make it into a smooth powder before use.  (Only grind a day or two’s worth and put it in a seal tight jar and store in a dark drawer of the refrigerator).

I prefer the dark brown seeds over the golden seeds for their flavor and better digestive assistance.  I also give them to my chickens!  A flaxseed-fed chicken will produce an egg with as much omega-3 fatty acid as a 4-6 ounce piece of wild-caught salmon!  (Not to mention the coveted flavor of such eggs).

So with all of these benefits what are you waiting for?  Order some today folks and improve the health of your life and your loved ones.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.

Now before you get all squeamish hear me out, folks. I have friends and acquaintances who have actually never eaten wild game of any kind. To be more precise most of the Western civilization has never eaten it! Most people give me a look of disgust when I offer it to them and tell me they would rather eat something from the grocery store that has been inspected and cleaner!

Usually, at this point in the conversation, I try really hard to suppress my laughter. NEWSFLASH!! There is absolutely nothing in an American grocery store that is cleaner and healthier than wild game. Not even close! I’m not really sure what most folks think humans ate prior to the 20th century, but I can guarantee you it wasn’t pre-packaged processed fake food.

Let’s take a look at cattle grazing on growth hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified corn and soybean meal vs. an elk or deer grazing on green grass, honeysuckle, berries, and foods like natural wild nuts and seeds. No comparison, not even close. One animal is going to be very sick and one very healthy just like humans who eat those opposite diets.

Now, what do you think happens to the human immune system when you eat unhealthy diseased meat?  You got it: you become diseased. Wild game is an extremely good source of healthy lean protein and depending on how it’s cooked can become a very delicious meal.

I am an avid hunter and when I watch what a deer eats in the wild, I have no problem harvesting that animal for my family to eat.

BUT BUYER BEWARE….You surely wouldn’t think there would be anything to worry about after all the great things I just told you about the benefits of healthy wild game. The word wild game is where it gets tricky.

Remember there is such a thing as farm-raised wild game. Farm and wild just don’t mix. Just like farm-raised fish these animals are fed diets of sugary processed grains in order to fatten the animals to bring the highest price at market. DON’T BUY THEM!!!

Now I’m not trying to convince everyone to run out and buy a hunting rifle (heaven forbid) and head into the woods. It’s just not for everyone. However, most states do not allow the sale of wild game without a special license. Most hunters who I’m acquainted with are respectful avid outdoorsmen who will gladly share some of their harvest just for asking. Ask around folks and I’m fairly certain that you will fill part of your freezer with lean healthy free meat.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.



Why are Americans so easily marketed and why do we believe everything that comes along that is supposedly going to save all mankind?  I hope this is where I come in to teach you how to make your own healthy choices for your family– without big corporations trying to convince you of things that are just not true.

Some of us might just say, that was then and now is now and we are much smarter than we used to be.  Some might say that but it’s just not true where in America we have the best healthcare in the world and yet the most disease of anywhere in the world.

So have we really learned anything since 1883 when this ad was publicized? No one loves this country any more than I do but most folks still just don’t get it.  In a country that was formed by very wise people winning revolutions and world wars, we just don’t seem to be on our game anymore.

When you quiz your children for doing something bad you ask every question possible to get to the absolute truth of the matter.  But when some unknown guy serving food samples at the mega giant fake food store tells you a product is the greatest, then you fill your buggy with it.

Like you I have personally witnessed this marketing and perhaps unlike you I am amazed how easily some good folks are conned. I have seen these vendors push things loaded with hydrogenated heart stopping oils, cancer causing processed sugars, and monosodium glutamate– just to watch the customers thank them for it.

Okay customers please don’t get mad, I’m just the messenger and I’m here to help you.

At one time in history cocaine was in everything from baby’s milk to soft drinks. Most folks think we learned from those days and we are too smart to ever get conned like that again.  NEWS FLASH!!!  Obviously we have not learned.  We have witnessed 132 years of being sold disease-causing hydrogenated oils, tobacco, chlorine and flouride, herbicides and pesticides, margarine, sugar, imitation sweeteners, microwaves, food dyes, MSG, bleached and fumigated white bread and inflammatory refined sodium– just to name a few.

University studies prove processed sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. We all agree it was a horrific time in history when children were given cocaine filled products.  Yet we still give our children something (sugar) 8 times more addictive–something that seems harmless but actually causes horrible extreme inflammation in their fragile small bodies.

We are very trusting of these people who really don’t care about your health. Their sole job is to increase profits for their shareholders. You will never beat the battle of the bulge or fight off the grim reaper if you keep trusting the same big fake food companies that have been destroying Americas health for generations.

My recommendation?  Wise up!  Ask questions about your food.  Read all food labels.  Stay away from all fast food.  Grow a garden.  Frequent your local farmer’s market.  And follow me!  Let’s take this journey together.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.



For most of our lives we have been told that salt is unhealthy. Who’s been telling us this you might ask?  Is it the same people who have precisely guided America’s health into a spiraling train wreck?  Doctors, scientists and the American Heart Association have for sixty years constantly bombarded us with information that salt is anything but good for us. It is also common knowledge that the American Heart Association gets their so-called scientific data from these same doctors and scientists.

If you ask anyone with high blood pressure or who has any heart condition they will tell you their doctor won’t allow them to consume any salt whatsoever. Like several minerals and nutrients, salt has been in the ground for millions of years. It has been consumed by humans and animals as well, and we would perish without it.

Well, let’s just take a closer look at this tasty supposedly dangerous substance. First of all most doctors don’t understand the fact that just like most foods salt comes in two versions:  a very inflammatory refined version and the very anti-inflammatory unrefined versionRefined salt is the kind most of us in the western civilization have used since childbirth, the very dangerous inflammatory kind. Yes the kind that causes weight gain, swollen joints, high blood pressure and an array of disease. Why you ask?

Most salt naturally comes out of the earth with 84 trace minerals and macrominerals. Here’s where it gets tricky. Mega giant fake food refineries cook the salt at 1,200 degrees.  This process instantly oxidizes it and makes it inflammatory to the human body.  This high heat also reduces the eighty-four healthy minerals to around four.

Next, it is bleached in order to make it perfectly white. Hmmm, bleach kills bacteria including healthy human gut bacteria. Toxins like sodium ferrocyanide or heavy metal aluminum powder are also added as an anti-caking agent. And last but not least corn sugar and MSG have been reported as ingredients–these of course are not exposed to the consumer. And yes these last two highly addictive ingredients are very inflammatory and disease causing.

Naturally salt has just the right amount of iodine– but the cooking process depletes it. Fake food refineries add their dangerous liver killing synthetic version of iodine back to the mix and tout it as added iodine to make you the consumer think it has extra good stuff added just for you. BUYER BEWARE!!  Basically it has been pasteurized (like many unhealthy food products) and as I like to refer to it as dead food.

Now let’s take a look at what I like to refer to as healthy life-sustaining salt.  You need to get educated first of all with what marketing is trying to do to make you think their salt is healthy.  American fake food companies like to start food fads to get us excited and want to buy their products. One of those food fads is sea salt. Everywhere you look on the shelves there are products touting the name sea salt as something healthy. The problem is that if the label only says sea salt and not unrefined sea salt it is most likely refined by none other than the American refined salt manufacturers and comes from the Gulf of Mexico–the waters of which are loaded with heavy metals.

There are several unrefined salt sources around the globe to choose from.  My personal favorite is pink Himalayan salt. It is mined in Pakistan in the Khewra Salt Mine which is located about 195 miles from the Himalayan Mountains. It is approximately 850 feet above sea level and was flooded thousands of years ago. It is also the second largest mine in the world. It is mined by workers using pick axes and then hauled out of the mine in football size chunks. Unrefined salt such as this source is never cooked and never loaded up with any extra (toxic) additives. It is simply harvested and sent to your table as a very healthy source of electrolytes and trace minerals.

Real salt is loaded with such things like potassium, manganese, magnesium, iodine, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, and sodium in a natural form. The human body needs salt just to exist on earth but just like all other foods, salt should be eaten in moderation. Just because it is a healthy version does not mean you can empty the salt shaker daily. Doing so can cause health problems.

Real sea salt with the proper electrolytes can be very healthy for your body.  It helps our muscles and central nervous system to function as well as our brain and thyroid. For the folks who simply just don’t eat salt, you could be missing some very important minerals.  You can also suffer from a loss of your body’s naturally producing hydrochloric acid, a loss which can wreak havoc on your digestive system.

Healthy salt is a great source of nutrition when used in moderation. Check it out today and switch from the bad refined salt and watch inflammation and disease leave your body.  This is a smart and easy fix–one that you will be absolutely glad that you made.  Pink Himalayan salt comes in several sizes from ground to rock salt. I personally prefer the rock salt and hand grind it as the pre-ground version seems somewhat gritty. Also as I have said many times before I like my food whole when I purchase it because it holds the nutrients and antioxidants together longer.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.


Unfortunately, most Americans would choose the burger, fries, and coke–😩.  TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CHOICES!!!

Are you are having trouble losing weight or just trying to get your thyroid under control? You’re not alone!  Most Americans and now a large portion of the world are desperately trying to find out just what is going on with their less-than-ideal health. All of the so-called health magazines and television ads that we read just don’t seem to be doing the trick. All of the doctor’s visits and prescribed drugs don’t seem to be helping either.  And most of the good folks who I know and observe are cardio-ing themselves to a sweaty pulp just to get nowhere.

The answer is in your choices folks. I’m not saying your choices are easy. I know first hand as well as anyone that processed fake food addictions can absolutely take control of your thought processes when it comes to making healthy choices.

The human body evolved from holistic origins in nature, and yet the fake food industry and medical associations are offering options to heal our bodies from a synthetic chemical origin. Synthetic chemicals have never healed the human body and most certainly never will.

It’s not a surprise that we have spent decades trying to heal disease with chemicals just to keep failing. It’s also no surprise that real food heals disease and heals it very quickly.

Sadly and suspiciously most of the foods that actually will and do kill disease are taboo by most medical doctors. Why, you ask?  Are doctors trying to kill us?  No, not directly. In defense of most doctors, they spend years in medical school and work 10 to 12 hour days trying their best to heal us. Unfortunately, they have been drinking the same kool-ade as most Americans. They are under tremendous influence by the pharmaceutical and fake food industries.

Doctors just pass along information that is falsely documented by big industries. It is open book knowledge that these big corporations do research with none other than their own paid employees. It’s hard enough getting our own health in order without our own doctors misleading us about a product. If your doctor ever tells you it’s ok to eat just a little bit of high fructose corn syrup or to have one cheat day weekly “GET A NEW DOCTOR!!!” because the one you have is harming your health.

Most folks eat fast food daily with the excuse there is nothing else to eat. Well yes and no. No there are not many healthy restaurants in America for consumers to choose from. But yes there are many healthy options to choose from. And no, not from fast food. Contrary to what most of us have been programmed to believe through massive marketing in these fast-paced days we live in, all food does not come from restaurants. We all know that fast food and most all restaurant food is loaded with very addictive disease-causing sugars, refined sodium, msg, and hydrogenated trans-fat.

Here’s my recommendation. Visit your local farmers market, buy some real tasty vegetables, fruits, cheeses, bread, etc. and take just one week off from your restaurant (chemical) addiction. Take your all-natural real food to work, save the stressful half hour round trip through the drive-through, and at the end of the first week look at your hands, ankles, and face and be surprised to see your inflammatory swelling quickly going away.

During your trial week your liver is going to scream for sugar so just have some of my sugar-free chocolates ready in advance. They are sweetened with honey and will get you through the addiction without the inflammation from processed sugars. And always remember not to trust food labels that include so-called pure cane sugar. It’s a con, folks. Most sugar is pure and from cane. What makes it lethal is the high heat refining process. BUYER BEWARE!

Follow me to learn why this simple daily choice to eat real foods will save your health and possibly your life.

What do most Americans do when they get sick, have an intestinal problem or even just a toothache? Most folks head straight to their local doctor’s office returning home with a handful of dangerous gut-destroying antibiotics. Some patients are prescribed antibiotics more than once and often several times per year.

For decades we have been killing our organs and healthy cell membranes with dangerous chemicals ingested into our bodies—by order of our doctors via the pharmaceutical industry, with a stamp of approval by our own elected officials.

Decades ago when antibiotics were discovered most of us just assumed they were a great discovery with the results in hand that they killed certain bodily ailments. What most of us are unaware of was the fact that the chemicals were killing much more than the problem they were prescribed for. Do we really need to keep pumping these dangerous drugs through our veins every time we get sick?

I have discovered a much better idea: natural prevention that will keep us from getting sick in the first place. Yes, that’s exactly what I do. It’s simple–it’s called prevention, using only what mother nature gives us! AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY FOR ME!

Here’s my discovery for my favorite (ancient) natural antibiotic: cardamom. It has been used for healing in India and surrounding countries for thousands of years. I personally have cured myself of everything from stomach ulcers, heartburn, digestive problems, abscess tooth, and even external wounds. Cardamom has an antibacterial effect and seems to eradicate almost anything that is harmful to the human body.

Most folks in the western civilization have never heard of these amazing little seeds. In India, cardamom is such a powerful natural antioxidant that it is known as the queen of spices. Cardamom is used in India and Asia to treat everything from sore throat to oral infections. Some studies are also suggesting that cardamom will prevent and kill certain cancers, colon being one of those. It has been shown in several studies to boost Glutathione S-Transferase  (GSTs)–metabolic isozymes which are strong antioxidants that stop the production of colon cancer cells.

Cardamom is also used in India for bacterial infections in the colon, stomach and entire intestinal tract with success for over 2000 years. Cardamom is in the ginger family and can be used also to stop nausea, heartburn and things like constipation. It is great for blood circulation in the body and also for curing urinary tract infections and even gonorrhea. It has been used for centuries to heal everything from head to toe including things like H. pylori stomach bacteria.

Cardamom is also used in many cooking recipes in Asia and India and can add a real kick to your meal. It is grown in a green, black, white or red variety–but my personal favorite is the green. It makes an excellent addition to your green tea by taking the seeds out of a half-dozen pods and crushing them before steeping.

For those of you who have a manganese shortage, cardamom has 80% of your daily allowance per tablespoon along with thiamine, vitamin A, zinc, riboflavin, pyridoxine, calcium, vitamin C and potassium.

So folks here’s my personal opinion: studies prove cardamom heals everything from stomach ulcers to urinary tract infections including heart disease and cancer. I have a personal friend who claims cardamom is one of the treatments she used to kill her stage 4 colon cancer and keep her living years after the 4-month death sentence she was given.  And besides my friend’s amazing experience, I have used it to heal and help many things–and it works with a 100% success rate for me.  I personally eat approximately seven or eight pods of cardamom seeds daily (chew up the seeds and spit out the outer pod). They not only make your breath smell wonderful but they also kill any harmful bacteria that may be residing in your intestinal tract.

I personally have spoken with hundreds of elderly folks from India who have been eating cardamom their entire lives and have lived a life without disease. So the next time you have a health problem you might want to first ingest some cardamom seeds and see what happens before heading out for the antibiotics. What do you have to lose!

For those of you who choose not to seek Ancient proven ways, I say to you the most ignorant thing a person can do in life is to say no to something just because you don’t understand it.  But if you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing you are already out the door to buy organic green cardamom pods as we speak!

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family and hope that you will continue to follow me and do the things that healed my body–and will most likely heal yours also.