Hot Peppers-Burn Body Fat Fast!

HOT PEPPERS (CAPSAICIN) OR AS I LIKE TO REFER TO THEM “SKINNY PILLS”….that’s right, skinny and healthy. Isn’t that the magical pill we are all looking for? Well folks, look no further. How would you like to have a thyroid that is on fire? A huge boost in your metabolism? Less body fat? All by eating just one food? How about a food that will lower your blood pressure? How about another food that will metabolize insulin levels, protect you from having blood clots and eventual strokes and heart attacks? How about even another food that will actually stop and reverse erectile dysfunction and give men the stamina of someone much younger in age–all within 3 to 6 months? Even better than that, how about a food that will actually prevent and kill cancers? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were such foods?

News Flash! There is! This one simple miracle food is none other than hot peppers. I am fairly certain by now many of you are saying the words, “no way am I going to eat hot peppers.” Obviously those of you who are saying that either didn’t read what I just said above or just totally ignored it. If you ignore what I’m teaching you it could become detrimental to your health, whereas on the flipside if you investigate further it might just save your health, your marriage or even your life.

Hot peppers have been consumed in delicious healthy meals for thousands of years in places such as Asia and in the Middle East. Think about this: have you ever seen a sluggish overweight sick person from any of these countries who eat as their ancestors did? Nope, didn’t think so. Most of the folks I speak with from these countries are very lean and extremely healthy at any age. Most have never been sick at all. Most also tell me that the food in America is terrible and is making them fat and sick. That’s another whole big story of it’s own.

The chemical compound in peppers known as capsaicin is what gives peppers it’s heat. They are loaded with vitamin A, B-6, C, potassium, niacin, folate and B-2. Peppers are extreme antioxidents that kill free radicals in the body and reduce inflammation. No inflammation=No Disease.

Also Peppers have an anti-platetet sticking compound. According to numerous university studies, peppers will prevent blood clots from forming in the bloodstream. Researchers have found that something as simple as eating hot peppers can reduce cancer cells from growing in the human body. Human studies are resulting in cancer cells dying in breast, lung, prostate, and other cancers. These studies are real folks. Just ask your Asian or Middle Eastern friends how many of their parents or grandparents have had cancer or heart disease. Most of these countries have about 1/10th of the disease that American’s have. And those from those cultures who have disease have partially or fully converted to the fast-food-chemical-laden processed-not-real-foods-American diet.

Eat peppers and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. It has become a daily staple of mine and rightfully so. Besides the very true fact that it has lowered my blood pressure to a healthy teenage level of 115/70 and lowered my body fat from 18.5% to 11.5%. And as for the manhood thing…..well you men will just have to find out for yourself…or not. But trust me, you will only hate yourself if you don’t give it a try.

Peppers have a thermogenic effect and create natural endorphins that will last 1 to 2 hours. It’s better than any caffeine you have ever had–without the headache and blood pressure rise. In other words, the healthiest high you will ever have. And yes for that reason it is very addictive. I personally am addicted to this effect. But not to worry, it’s one of the healthiest most natural addictions you will ever have or want.

Try some today on your favorite dishes. Peppers are great on foods like fish and brown rice. I use it on every meal. Word of wisdom: start slow and work your way up. You most certainly do not want to get discouraged and stop using it before you see all of the wonderful health benefits. Wake up America! Stay with me folks and I’ll show you how to naturally raise testosterone levels for male and female at any age….in another story.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.