Truths to Consider about Diabetes

What’s the worst thing about diabetes? Is it the fact that you have to stab yourself with horrific pain-inducing needles–every day– forever?

Is it the tremendous amount of extra weight (body fat) most type-2 diabetics carry with them?

What about the struggles of the pancreas to make enough insulin for the body to even function…or the ups and downs of insulin that send a human body into shock, (or worse). You may think the insulin shots are available just so that diabetics can eat any kind of poison they want!

Being a diabetic is not nearly as much fun as those television advertisements seem to portray. Believe me, I’ve interviewed plenty of good folks who are suffering from autoimmune diseases, and they tell me it’s anything but fun.

Some diabetics take the situation for granted, assuming it’s no big deal. They just pop a pill or take a shot and everything will magically be okay again.

Sadly, this is the situation happening all around us even as we speak!  Insulin imbalance could just as easily mean death, so it is a big deal. In my professional opinion, a body that does not make insulin is equivalent to the lungs not breathing air. Both can kill you.

If you get the diagnosis of diabetes, do you think you will ever be able to just walk away from it?

Have you ever noticed what people look like in foreign countries where diabetes is almost nonexistent? Most have very lean bodies with very little body fat. So you might ask yourself: what do these healthy lean people do differently than those in the western world where we live, where autoimmune diseases run rampant?

Whatever it is, wouldn’t you want some of what they have? Doesn’t it make sense to just do what they do?

My belief is that we don’t ever have to reinvent the wheel. We should just do what people in the more healthy countries do, eating foods straight from Mother Earth. It’s my belief that this is what our ancestors did to stay extremely healthy.

Most university studies agree and have proven that processed sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. That’s a fairly powerful addiction to a single product that is responsible for so many autoimmune diseases, diabetes included.

The first case of diabetes was discovered in 1674 by the British doctor, Thomas Willis. If scientists in the medical field have been trying to cure diabetes for all the 347 years since then without success, it’s not likely going to happen, at least not in that way!

(And just as a note, processed sugar just happened to be available 347 years ago!)

Eat as I do, the John Rankin Way, choosing a lifestyle the same as my ancestors ate before food was corrupted.

I have spent 4 ½ decades learning the truth about real food and great health and have taken the guesswork out of it for you. I invite you to take a look at what I have learned. My studies have shown me everything I need to know to have an extremely healthy body. Living this way has changed my life to experience new highs in health, and I believe these truths will do the same for you.

I have assembled an amazingly healthy and disease-fighting 30-day meal plan included with my new book Healed by Farm. You can get on the same track as I’m on: the fast track to wellness. I encourage you to look for my book and meal plan at

~John Rankin