I always start my day with fruit included in my breakfast meal, how about you? We all eat fruit, right? Well not everyone and there are reasons for that, i’m just not sure i agree with most. It seems word on the street about fruit being tagged as a bad food has spread faster than it takes for an over ripe peach to hit the ground. Some friends and acquaintances are telling me they have quit (or cut back) eating fruit because it’s (all of a sudden) not as healthy as it once was thought. That it has too much sugar and causes weight gain. That it’s bad for diabetics. That it causes bloat and more. I say foul play and call this paid marketing movement total nonsense! Since when in history has fruit had the ability to become unhealthy, it hasn’t, ever!!  Why do you think everyone is slowing their fruit consumption at a time when other people and I are increasing ours? I’m doing so while receiving excellent health results at the same time. So what has changed that gives fresh (lifesaving- antioxidant loaded) fruit a bad rap?


It seems that big marketing power has once again taken our diets hostage and declared war on healthy foods that historically have been a reliable source of excellent lifesaving nutrition. The fruit industry must be reeling from this.  It’s totally unexceptable!  They have declared delicious natural fructose, high fiber and a war chest full of healthy antioxidants to be as dangerous as processed sugar, yet never seem to mention the hazards of processed sugars! Starting to get the picture?  Sugar is finally being recognized as a problem for diabetics and usually for good reason but apparently most type-2 diabetics have become fearful of eating fruit because of the sugar content. All sugars are not created equal, just like other foods. Be ready, you’ll be told differently. Processed sugars are mostly highly inflammatory, fructose from fruit is not! Inflammation is the root cause of most diseases. Natural fruit is loaded with insulin metabolizing fiber. That makes it great for diabetics, remember your body still has to process what you eat so everything in moderation. And yes, your insulin level may rise so put down those dangerous processed foods first and let it rise naturally. Fresh fruit is also extremely good for heart health because it will help you lose weight which will lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Now let’s look at gut health. Fruits like bananas, blueberries and apples are some of the healthiest foods on the planet for restoring excellent gut bacteria for a healthier immune system. Berries, oranges and avocados are huge brain boosters for learning and obtaining knowledge and to help prevent dementia.


Are you starting to see how fruit is bad for you yet, don’t worry, you won’t!  The notion that anything is good or bad for you should come from you and not mega marketing. It should be your decision and no one else’s! My extensive study into 2,000 years of food history firmly secures my theory that fruit is an excellent source of nutrition, hydration and just a great way to naturally enlighten our taste buds. Fruit is a staple at every meal in many parts of the world and has been for centuries, with excellent health results. These are just some of many examples of how fruit has been incorporated into healthy lifestyles for centuries. My book ‘’Healed By Farm’’ is a great eye opener and should be the last weightloss/healthcare book you’ll ever need. Get ready to get healthy America!!

~John Rankin~