How true this quote really is!  Most Americans live a fast-paced lifestyle. We seem to love it.  Some do it because they love the adrenaline rush. Others do it to earn more money, and then there are those who live daily life wide open, just to survive. Most of western civilization is rushing around at warp speed all day long while eating on the run. The long hours most of us work can cause an extreme amount of unwanted health problems and chronic inflammation that easily can be attributed to a lifetime of disease and misery. Stress can also be a major player in many diseases such as heart disease, strokes, cancer and more. But as we take a look around the world we learn of other civilizations where people work even harder and longer hours than we do, without disease! So then one might think, just how is that even possible?  Well for one thing, healthy countries know a few things about how to handle their stress through their diet, with real food.  

Most of us are hungry after working hard all day. There’s a big gap between lunch and dinner.  So what kind of food or drink are your tastebuds rewarded with on your daily trip home? Do you carry fruit for times like these or do you stop at convenience (poison centers) stores while driving home? Hopefully not but a big percentage of people can’t drive past one without stopping to consume at least a few of the many inflammatory ingredients found at these convenient centers. Convenient for what, making our lives miserable?  Well that’s one way to put it since gas stations sell everything except good health! Besides the thousands of inflammatory candies, cigarettes, alcohol, chips, slurpees and donuts, they sell gasoline. None are meant for the human body to consume without wreaking havoc on our immune systems and causing obesity and disease!  Some folks eat at gas stations (fast food) everyday. That’s like playing russian roulette!  But would you consider playing that game? You say absolutely not because it’s deadly. It’s not deadly at first, only if you pull and keep pulling the trigger. So why do you keep pulling your health trigger everyday for lunch, over and over and over?  My thoughts are addiction since processed sugars are eight times more addictive than cocaine in every university study. You’re not eating there because you really enjoy the health benefits of dangerous inflammatory chemicals burned into your shriveled-up hotdog that’s been spinning for hours in an endless open air rack.

It’s all fun and games when you are in your youth or early adulthood and can eat anything that won’t eat you. That’s just the point I’m making here: poison food can destroy you if you let it! When we are young and eating so-called foods that are really just highly inflammatory refined carbohydrates, not food at all, things start to happen. Things like constipation, diarrhea, headaches, acid indigestion, cramping, heartburn and weight gain. These seemingly harmless symptoms seem to go away when we simply consume gut destroying over-the-counter drugs. That’s where most of our lifelong health and obesity problems start. When you spend a couple of decades (or more) living with bowel problems it simply means your body lacks essential fiber and nutrients. The lack of these easy to consume ingredients could (and easily does) lead to many digestive and intestinal tract cancers. Acid indigestion and heartburn seem harmless enough, and some just make light of the problem and usually comment “it’s just the onions.” Newsflash, onions do not cause a healthy body to burp them up like a cow with multiple stomachs!  A healthy gut will only invite healthy foods to digest properly. Warning: constant burping and/or acid indigestion is usually a precursor to stomach and esophagus cancer. However small these symptoms may seem, they won’t be small forever! 

Show me someone who consumes indigestion, headache or diarrhea medications year after year and I’ll show you an unhealthy body that’s needing medical care, or more than likely someone who is already on it!

The addiction is real my friends. Processed sugars, trans fats and added chemicals are no joke and will eventually destroy your health, it’s just a matter of time. They are everywhere and in almost 100% of our food. So what do we do, are we doomed? This is where I may be able to help. I grew up eating everything that should kill a person just like this story mentions but was given a second chance. Not many will be lucky enough for that extra chance. After 36 years of extreme research, I just couldn’t kick the sugar habit. I knew what to do just like you, but was addicted, just like you! Through years of research and trial and error I have created an easy and healthy plan in my book “Healed by Farm’’ that works for any and all who have a desire to kick this horrific addiction. My book will put you on the right path to obtaining extremely good health and can be found for those who are afraid of dying young!   


~John Rankin~