There’s a reason your precious little Fluffy’s weight and health is less than perfect during the holiday season, every year! And also there is a reason why humans feel frustration from the same results, every year!

We all have partaken of foods and drinks that compromise our health unaware. Sometimes your conscience or the people who care about you will say, “you are going to kill yourself if you keep eating that.” I think you know exactly what I mean.

We are what we eat. There’s plenty of proof that this statement is very true. After 4 ½ decades of passionate and dedicated research, I have my own truthful information on why people become overweight and sick. I also have the same perspective on why your beloved pets are becoming chubby and sick, and the cause is, surprisingly, the exact same issues.

When you consume refined and processed foods that damage your body, the result is immediate weight gain all the while you are loading your body with inflammatory ingredients in almost every meal you eat. And most likely at the same time, you are offering inflammation and poisoning foods to your own pet, unknowingly of course!

That’s right, little Fluffy’s current weight gain or illness wasn’t caused by accident. It was caused by what you feed him. Again, I’m not putting blame on you.         After all if you are like most folks, you would certainly do anything possible to keep your pet healthy and happy.

The problem is not you or Fluffy. The problem is the marketing of very addictive refined food.

Many only feed their pets what they eat themselves. Are you starting to get the picture? Pet food manufacturers usually load pet food with less than healthy ingredients–the same ones that are included in your food, like MSG. The most common factor in both is explained with one word: addiction. That’s what food manufacturers do best–addict you to their products (toxic actually) so you will keep coming back for

more, forever! At the same time, little Fluffy becomes addicted, and sick.

I know you have questions, and I have answers for you…many answers that make sense! Unfortunately most pets are fed leftovers from dinner, your leftovers–the same food that more than likely is making you overweight and sick!

How would you like to become extremely lean and healthy, and give the same results to your pets, while still eating your very own food? If you can get your own weight and health in order, then it’s quite possible you can help your pets also. And I can help you with that!

This is my passion and my mission in life. What works for you will work for your prized pet. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, that animals and humans are different.

I know what I am talking about: poison is poison, and I will teach you how to wise up to discover how to avoid these bad choices made in innocence and ignorance of the present day market reality!

Everything I teach is true–nothing more, nothing less! You can get this information in my new book Healed by Farm at Fluffy will thank you, and you’ll like what you see in the mirror in just a short time from now. Blessings to you and yours, and to all your dear beloved pets who deserve only the best you can offer them.

Just seeing the words home-brewed on a food product makes one automatically assume the product is something that is probably healthy. If you are one who seeks to eat wisely, this might give a sense of comfort, thinking that by partaking you will be further down the road to greater health.

Truth in labeling and truth about really great health can be miles apart. When it comes to becoming or staying well, you need to know the difference.

How many times have you had an illness that no matter what natural products you ingested, applied, sprayed, etc., you were still sick days later? Well no more, as I have a remedy for you!

Brewing your own remedy might just be the easiest, cheapest and healthiest way to take care of your family during flu and virus season, without any side effects! (And with a bonus of not having to stand in a drug store line with dozens of other sick people, coughing!)

When the flu infects your body, it usually hits fast. One of the major complications of that infection is inflammation. Sinus cavities, esophagus, lungs and all your airways shrink. Breathing becomes a chore. Your heart beats under higher pressure. And your liver struggles to empty your body of the toxins that have invaded it.

Would you like to naturally and permanently rid your body of these problems? Live the John Rankin’s Way where prevention is the cure! Being well is a much nicer and easier way of living than being sick and having to fight off infections and diseases.

I know this is true for myself. I haven’t been sick in many, many years, not since discovering the way to excellent, consistently great health and faithfully living by these truths. So do what I do, and skip right past all the usual misery of the flu season!

I have many healthy recipes in my wellness arsenal. For the flu/virus infections, I invite you to try something that works great for my family and friends, and that should help you too.

My first tip is to stay away from other sick people. Then drink lots of this home-brewed anti-inflammation tea. Lastly, get ready to feel much better. This is a simple (but proven) tasty medicinal drink to help get you up and going when you’re down with the flu.


Place a gallon of spring water in a large pot. Add ½ # ginger root sliced thin.

Add ½ # turmeric root sliced thin.

Add cardamom seeds from 10-12 cardamom pods, crushed. (or use the whole crushed pod too, since we will strain this when done.) Add 5-cinnamon sticks.

Add the juice of 2 lemons.

Add a small handful of fresh mint leaves. My favorite is spearmint.

Place the lid on the pot and cook this brew on low heat for up to 2 hours, stirring every 15-20 minutes.

You will need 3 or 4 quart jars. Add 6-8 tablespoons (about ½ cup) of local honey (know the beekeeper) to each of your jars.

Pour your fresh pot full of wonderful tasting home-brewed elixir through a strainer into each jar while still warm.

Cap and shake until honey is dissolved. Drink warm or refrigerate.

Drink at least a cup full in the morning and again in the evening. Drinking it all day long is not a problem if needed.

I have 4 ½ decades of research and a life experience that has allowed me to be extremely healthy and to help others find and stay on the right path to excellent health as well. I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.

I hope this message will help you and your family to use a more holistic approach to health. Start right now, and never stop living as close as possible to the natural gifts of our beautiful earth.

You can find more of my healthy recipes along with the exciting story of my journey…all available now in my new book “Healed by Farm’’ Be well!

You’re going to do it. You know it will happen. So why does a large percentage of the Western world (including you) eat inflammatory weight gaining foods during the holidays? The kind that keeps them bloated with bad health? Most do this every year with the knowledge that after the crystal ball falls on New Year’s Eve, they will (again) wish they had eaten healthier, but couldn’t.

Most folks do this every year for a lifetime. Would you be interested in learning how to break this healthy cells-ravaging cycle? I might just be able to show you how in my extremely informative new book Healed by Farm. It only takes a short time to learn the johnrankinsway.

For those of you who need a little help getting through the holidays and keeping your health intact, I recommend the following10 easy to do but very important things that will keep your gut healthier, your inflammation lower, your immune system stronger and your weight lower, even if you haven’t changed your eating habits just yet and still eat terribly!

  1. Upon rising each morning drink a minimum 8 oz. water, even before your feet hit the floor. A human body is dehydrated after 8 hrs. of sleep. This will re-hydrate your organs such as kidneys, bladder, colon and liver– all while flushing out the bad toxins you ate the night before. The more you drink, the healthier you become. Water is cheap, so try some!
  2. Deep breathing. Take 10 deep breathes, half thru your mouth and half through your nose. Exhale slowly. Breath extremely deep into your lungs to the point you feel them expand. Do this 2-3 times daily for oxygenated muscles and a faster metabolism, which will give you much more energy for any activity. And it makes you feel great!
  3. Enjoy a daily fresh-squeezed lemonade to help reverse an acidic body from an overdose of processed holiday foods. This happens when the lemon metabolizes into a great alkaline food source. It should help to keep inflammation and weight down. For sweetening, use only a pure stevia with no other ingredients on the bottle, no maltodextrin or dextrose labeling, none, just stevia! Squeeze 1 lemon in a quart of pure water and sip all day long, every day!
  4. Keep your vitamin-D 3 level at around 85-90. (A simple blood test will reveal your level.) Some people take 10,000 to 15,000 units daily to achieve this level, especially in the winter. If needed, get this from organic liquid drops and not hard pills or capsules. This should do the trick to help keep your immune system in overdrive protecting you from disease, even while eating poorly chosen foods.
  5. Get some exercise. Even during the holidays, you need to move your body. Something such as hurrying up a hill or some yoga-type extreme stretching a couple times daily will keep your heart and muscles pumped full of healthy blood and oxygen. This takes 3 easy minutes, so do it in the morning and also before bedtime for a better night’s
  6. Spend time outdoors as often as possible…even a short time is better than not at all. This reconnects you to nature and allows your body to breathe in all of the healthy bacteria and viruses that are meant to pump- up our immune systems, naturally! It’s Mother Nature’s way!
  7. Steep and drink ginger, turmeric and cardamom tea once daily, swapping out occasionally with a healthy green tea. Make this with a couple of ginger and turmeric root slices the size of a quarter each and 1⁄8 tsp crushed green cardamom. Steep all this in 12-16 oz. pure hot water under 155 degrees. A tablespoon of pure local honey would add a little extra good health along with delicious taste
  8. Keep some healthy finger foods at your fingertips. Use olive oil on vegetables in place of processed ranch dressing. Go for the watermelon first (very alkalizing) if available on party trays and be sure to include nuts and seeds in your
  9. Study something everyday that will greatly improve your life, like my new book Healed By Farm. This will make a big difference in the way you think, eat, and feel, plus give you intense motivation to make healthier food choices
  10. Getting a good night’s sleep could be your best friend. 8 hours is best for most. Slow down the evening sugars and caffeine by 7pm so that a good rest is possible. My favorite evening medicine is a glass of raw milk at

Are you interested in becoming extremely lean and healthy? If so, read on and decide for yourself what’s the best way. No pressure here, just lots of healthy real truthful guidance that is sure to improve your life.

Almost daily we hear someone tell us about the newest greatest diet plan. You know, the one that everyone in town is trying. You may even try that plan for yourself. Why not, everyone is doing it so it must work, right? But why would you even consider it? Didn’t you try last year’s greatest plan, and the year before that?

If you’re like most trusting Americans, I’m guessing that you have tried every so-called diet plan since the very birth of diet plans. So why do you keep doing something that’s really never worked for you? Maybe because it’s culturally popular and you are afraid you will be left out if the newest diet plan actually works.

My guess is that the powerful marketing scheme accompanied with the new plan convinced you to try it…the same marketing plan that convinced all of your friends to try it. The same friends that told you how great it would be, because someone else told them, but of course that person heard it from someone else! So then that settles it, it must be the mother of all diet plans!

That’s how mass marketing works and it has absolutely nothing to do with losing weight and improving your health, It usually goes something like this: marketing team 100 you 0! More often than not most people who buy into these plans end-up fatter and sicker than they were when they started. That’s how these plans are designed to work. Why you say? So that you will keep coming back for more year after year. That’s their exact plan and it works, just not for you!

You don’t possibly think they want to lose you as a permanent customer do you? I would love to lose you as a customer. That would mean I did my job, and did it well! That’s actually my intention, with all my heart I want to help you just like so many others that have followed my way!

Almost every adult we know has tried dieting as a fast and healthy fix at least once in their life. The only problem is that most of these nonsense (less than honest) fads don’t, won’t, and never will work.

They only help to hurt your health, not to mention the tens of billions of dollars spent annually by consumers for these dangerous products that don’t work!

You’re better off investing your money elsewhere. Many diet plans include high doses of caffeine and similar chemically induced products. Caffeine is considered an excitotoxin and is designed to speed up your body. The problem with this speedy heart rate substance is that it usually causes irregular heart rates and also over excites your brain neurons and can kill them. If that’s not enough reason to stay clear of these famous movie star endorsed plans, it can also cause irreversible thyroid problems and raise cortisol (stress hormone) levels. What happens when cortisol levels rise in your body? Yes weight gain…the very thing you were trying to rid yourself of in the first place!

Some of the most popular diets include the centuries old self induced diarrhea plan. Most of these products promise 15 pounds off in two days. But here’s where it gets tricky! These diets include ingredients that empty your bowels and cleanses the inner lining of bacteria. The problem with this kind of living is there can be some horrific long term effects. These diets greatly deplinish your healthy gut flora also. This could be the beginning of leaky gut (disease) for you. Yes you temporarily lose weight after sitting on the toilet for half of the

day. The summary is that you have stomach cramps, dehydration, and low energy all weekend as your immune system crashes to a new low.

Self induced dehydration and emptying your body of all healthy nutrients is not my way of becoming lean and healthy. When Monday morning rolls around and you start eating again, the 15 pounds comes right back on, plus a few more! This happens because your suppressed thyroid and liver are screaming for sugar and other weight gaining carbohydrates! And that’s where the addiction continues. Be aware that the 15 pounds was water (your hydration) and poop, not body fat.

Another not so good side effect from this dangerous fad diet is that some of the weight you lose is healthy muscle. There is simply no good (healthy) reason to force your body into something this damaging just so you can fit into last year’s jeans, for a weekend.

I have a completely different outlook on losing weight and becoming extremely healthy. It’s a tried and true way, the only way that works and is sustainable for life. John Rankin’s Way Back consists of eating real food that you cook, and plenty of it.

Eating delicious food until you’re full may seem somewhat unorthodox in the world we live in today, but actually we live in a very healthy world. We live in the same world as our healthy ancestors but unfortunately we don’t eat like them. There are many reasons why: marketing, addiction, economics etc.

I invite you to let me guide you to eat like we did back in a healthier time in history. I’ll help you become a lean and healthy person while eating delicious foods, not diet food! Follow me along on this journey. Hopefully it won’t be your last journey, but it will be your longest.