How To Give Your Beloved Pets Incredible Health and Long Happy Lives

There’s a reason your precious little Fluffy’s weight and health is less than perfect during the holiday season, every year! And also there is a reason why humans feel frustration from the same results, every year!

We all have partaken of foods and drinks that compromise our health unaware. Sometimes your conscience or the people who care about you will say, “you are going to kill yourself if you keep eating that.” I think you know exactly what I mean.

We are what we eat. There’s plenty of proof that this statement is very true. After 4 ½ decades of passionate and dedicated research, I have my own truthful information on why people become overweight and sick. I also have the same perspective on why your beloved pets are becoming chubby and sick, and the cause is, surprisingly, the exact same issues.

When you consume refined and processed foods that damage your body, the result is immediate weight gain all the while you are loading your body with inflammatory ingredients in almost every meal you eat. And most likely at the same time, you are offering inflammation and poisoning foods to your own pet, unknowingly of course!

That’s right, little Fluffy’s current weight gain or illness wasn’t caused by accident. It was caused by what you feed him. Again, I’m not putting blame on you.         After all if you are like most folks, you would certainly do anything possible to keep your pet healthy and happy.

The problem is not you or Fluffy. The problem is the marketing of very addictive refined food.

Many only feed their pets what they eat themselves. Are you starting to get the picture? Pet food manufacturers usually load pet food with less than healthy ingredients–the same ones that are included in your food, like MSG. The most common factor in both is explained with one word: addiction. That’s what food manufacturers do best–addict you to their products (toxic actually) so you will keep coming back for

more, forever! At the same time, little Fluffy becomes addicted, and sick.

I know you have questions, and I have answers for you…many answers that make sense! Unfortunately most pets are fed leftovers from dinner, your leftovers–the same food that more than likely is making you overweight and sick!

How would you like to become extremely lean and healthy, and give the same results to your pets, while still eating your very own food? If you can get your own weight and health in order, then it’s quite possible you can help your pets also. And I can help you with that!

This is my passion and my mission in life. What works for you will work for your prized pet. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, that animals and humans are different.

I know what I am talking about: poison is poison, and I will teach you how to wise up to discover how to avoid these bad choices made in innocence and ignorance of the present day market reality!

Everything I teach is true–nothing more, nothing less! You can get this information in my new book Healed by Farm at Fluffy will thank you, and you’ll like what you see in the mirror in just a short time from now. Blessings to you and yours, and to all your dear beloved pets who deserve only the best you can offer them.