It seems there is so much to learn about eggs. Just a simple egg, it seems confusing at times. For several decades we have been told by the so-called experts that eggs are good or bad for us. We were told eggs have harmful cholesterol that has the ability to harm, sicken, or even kill us! We were told to only eat the egg whites and not the yolk. We were told how many to eat. We were even told to ‘’only eat’’ the so-called egg mixtures that come in small cartons. Those cartons are loaded with dangerous inflammatory weight gaining, disease causing chemicals!! Are these the types of eggs they told us not to consume? No, just the healthy kind mother nature provides us! News reports are reporting avian chicken flu is rampant and that it will surely be the end of the poultry industry, this time. Anyone over 40 years old has heard that many times over several decades and fortunately we still enjoy chickens and the healthy nutrition they give us. Doom and gloom won’t end Mother Nature.


So with all the anti- egg campaigns we have endured, people seem to be eating more eggs than ever before, with good results. Humans have been consuming eggs from a variety of animals for thousands of years with great results. It seems apparent that the healthy dietary cholesterol ‘’did not’’ kill anyone! Just one egg produces approximately 90mg of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These are excellent for brain and thyroid health, who doesn’t want that? A healthy egg has between 7-10 grams of high quality protein and is loaded with natural nutrients such as lutein which helps with age-related macular degeneration. Eggs have choline which helps with brain development and memory, being an especially great choice for pregnant women. Eggs also have a good dose of the daily vitamins and minerals most of us are lacking such as B-12, B-2 A, phosphorus, B-5 and folate. It seems these little wonders that mother nature provided for us are extremely healthy after all. Mother nature wouldn’t poison us, would she? According to my blood tests results, no!


The only problem with eggs is currently they have risen in price to a point that many people have cut them out of their weekly grocery budget. I wouldn’t recommend doing that and maybe it would be wise to just put back foods that are not healthy choices for your family. Let’s assume the current price of eggs has doubled to $6 per dozen. That equates to 50 cents per egg. Naturally the price seems extravagant because, after-all, they doubled in price. But not so fast. Remember, a healthy egg produces all of the great omega-3s and powerful nutrition with 7-10 grams of supreme protein, for only 50 cents. The next time you pay several dollars for highly inflammatory (poison) donuts and sugary breakfast drinks, you could have (2 eggs) 15-20 grams of extremely healthy protein, for $1. This amount of high quality protein in most foods would certainly cost much more. As much as the current higher price is a burden, it’s also a bargain. It is my recommendation that you find a local farmer for your free range eggs. You will certainly receive a great source of all natural nutrition that comes from chickens that eat only what mother nature provides them. Stay healthy my friends!