Most of us will eat too much food during the Christmas and new year holidays. Unfortunately the biggest percentage of you will eat highly inflammatory disease causing foods! Unknowingly of course. Just a few weeks of holiday treats sitting everywhere including the workplace, school, the bank, grocery store and home can wreak physical and mental havoc on someone with a sugar tooth. I know this to be true because I was once that guy. I was the sugar king, and I paid dearly for that title!  I could suggest some healthy treats, recipes etc. but I’m not sure that would rock your world! And I think that’s just what you need, a good kick start! Most of us need some kickstarting around this time of year. Would it be great if you could lose an extreme amount of weight and inflammation during the holidays instead of the opposite? What about if your blood test results resembled a time long ago? Would that make your new year better? For the next 90 days you’ll be bombarded with dozens of the so-called newest and greatest fad diets. Your friends will tell you about the newest and greatest diet that someone told them about, that someone else told them about. That’s right, fad because they will only be around long enough to take your money. Sure they all work for a while, that’s because you always put down the bad foods while on the current diet, for a while. But then all of a sudden after a few short months (at best) you slip right back into your old eating habits and weight gain. That’s because no one has ever designed a plan to help crush your sugar addiction, until now! Most just simply tell you to eat healthy or to cut back on your sugar with no plan how to accomplish it, until now! You can try every diet on the planet but they’re not sustainable because no one has been able to teach you how to kick your fake food chemical addiction, my story will!  Most so-called experts have never done it themselves, I have!  After decades of hard research, I taught myself how to kick the addiction, the hard way! After having only seconds to live, I fixed it.


Now, through my death defying experience and 45 years of research, I can teach you the real life saving truths I have learned, the easy way! There’s really no need to panic about your health while going into the holidays. That is, of course, you’re planning on living it up with excessive amounts of alcohol and poison foods. That seems to be exactly what most Americans do and unfortunately some won’t make it until the next holiday! You always regret it afterwards but can’t seem to stop yourself, year after year. There’s one word for that, addiction! If addiction ‘’is’’ the real problem then you can just throw out the idea that dieting will solve anything. Eating inflammatory diet food ‘’is not a problem solver’’ by any means.     


My suggestion is to live happily through the holidays with a conscious mind about your current health situation. Decide what you want to look and feel like for the rest of your life. Set goals, don’t wait for the big health disaster to hit home. Slow down and take a breath, it’s not that hard to become who you once were. Be comfortable saying no when someone offers you harmful substances. Remember, misery loves company so your friends will harass you for not drinking that cola with them. Been there, done that but they’ll change their tune soon enough when they see your life saving results. Drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest and exercise and last but not least, read my very true and exciting life changing book ‘’Healed by Farm’’ and enjoy the recipes in my meal plan. These are the foods that changed my life for good and gave me blood test results of a teenager. Give it a try, do these simple steps and hopefully you will have the same wonderful results I have. Happy holidays my friends, I’ll be waiting to hear about your results.


Preheat oven to Bake-350
•1 Lbs unsalted cashews

• 2 Tbs maple syrup
• 3 Tbs honey
• 1 tsp pink salt
• 2 Tbs butter
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl except nuts. Heat on low until mixture is melted and stirred then add cashews. Pour total ingredients evenly onto a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake for approximately 27 minutes, stirring the nuts every 9 minutes. Keep a close eye on them, cashews burn easily. Enjoy!!

Don’t do it again, you know, wait until the night before the holiday gathering to shop for food. It’s what most people do. I get it, most of us are busy with all of our worldly problems and put such trivial chores as shopping for food at the bottom of the to-do list. But do you really consider purchasing life sustaining food for your family as something trivial? I don’t think so, I think most of us have great intentions but end up with some ‘’not so healthy’’ food on the dinner table. The most spoken words after holiday meals is, I ate too much! You hear all the folks who can’t get off the couch say that, every year, every holiday, 3 hours after the meal! In no way am I making fun of those who overindulge, I used to be one of them. But now I have formed a new opinion after having only seconds to live! It’s not necessarily the amount of food that makes you visit the toilet round the clock for 3 days straight after that so-called great meal. 

The real and unfortunate problem with most last minute food is that it’s been heavily refined and becomes highly inflammatory, causing weight gain and disease! Not something you would want to give your family, right?  Of course not, we love our families, we just get busy! Most packaged, canned or bagged food has ingredient lists that resemble a chemical factory. Food additives are a scary thing! Just google any packaged food ingredient list and lookup the one that sounds like a petroleum product that resembles paint thinner. You’ll find out real quick, it is paint thinner!! Inflammatory chemicals such as MSG, processed sugars, colorings, preservatives, hydrocarbons, mercury and trans fat just to name a few are the real problem. These ingredients have much more effect on your body than simply overeating. Not saying overeating is healthy but these types of ingredients are the real culprit. They are the real reason most Americans are plastered to the couch in self induced diabetic comas after holiday meals. Just eating an overload of MSG and processed sugar alone is enough to make your heart race, swell your joints and give you intestinal cramps and headaches just to name a few. Overeating healthy food does not cause these problems, eating chemicals does!  How do I know this? My blood test results acknowledge it. And maybe yours can too if you make the same changes I made.   

Want to change your ways and watch your family become extremely healthy? Sure you do, so start here. Find your closest farmers market and support your local farmers, the payback will be well worth it. Markets don’t just sell fruits and vegetables. You’ll find beef, pork and chicken, milk and many more healthy and tasty items. Learning to shop off the grid takes time, shop there now and constantly search for better farmer friends. Have you ever chowed down on smoked ham or turkey from a local organic farm, if not, you might want to give it a try this holiday season. Also learn to make homemade sauces, creams, breads and desserts that are free from harmful chemicals. 

There’s enough sickness in the world but it doesn’t need to be at your house. You don’t have to live like that, life is full of choices and this one should rank at the top of your list. It takes a little planning at first to cook like your ancestors did but your family will love you for making this new way of life by simply cooking like great grandma did, without the chemicals. Enjoy the holidays and let’s see something new on the table!



It’s apple season so let’s eat apples! The decades old saying ‘’an apple a day will keep the doctor away’’ is actually somewhat true. Apples are a delicious and healthy treat and obviously in favor with over seven thousand and five hundred varieties to choose from. Some records suggest there may be as many as thirty thousand varieties with 4.9 million tons grown in America alone in 2021. Red delicious has been a decades old popular variety in the western world but new varieties have been modified such as the now famous honey crisp and seems to have made their way to the front of the shopping cart. Genetic modification of plants is not new, it has been around since 1940. So the slow destruction of our once safe food system actually started almost a century ago. The cons of this growing process is that altering food in this unnatural manner may cause allergic reactions and increase antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is usually caused by foods that are raised or grown using excessive amounts of, yes, antibiotics! When new data suggests GMO crops are safe, just who is it that suggests this new data? Is it the apple growers or is it the universities that do ‘’paid research’’ for the apple growers?  I would be inclined to just eat what mother nature puts here naturally, just for us!

Some people think apples are overrated and will just make them full when eaten. They certainly are not overrated and becoming full of healthy fiber and nutrition on a daily basis is actually a good thing. Apples are a great source of vitamins A, C, B-6 and potassium and serotonin. These natural nutrients can help with metabolizing insulin, healthier skin, better sleep, weight loss and preventing cancer and heart disease through great gut health, just from eating delicious apples. Apples don’t need to be boring either. Try eating an apple with fresh dates, it certainly adds to the great nutrition and tastes just like caramel without the processed inflammatory sugar. This and other delicious combinations will help you add more healthy apples into your diet. 

The bulk of an apple’s nutrients (like many fruits) are found in the skin so be sure to find non-sprayed organic fruit for your family, and don’t peel. Where do you find such apples, you might say? That’s easier than you might think, especially during apple season. First of all, get out of the monster mega stores and look for your closest farmers market. I purchase mine there and even pick from the farmers trees myself. Apple orchards dot the landscape around the country. The privately owned small farm is what you’re looking for. Don’t be embarrassed to ask the farmer questions, ask if they spray chemicals and what they fertilize with. Even ask them what they water with. Unchlorinated water such as well and/or spring water is great for growing the best apples, like mother nature intended. If the farmer evades your questions faster than it takes a rotten apple to fall to the ground, tell them to have a nice day and move along. You won’t hurt their feelings but you might hurt your family’s health if you don’t ask. It’s ‘’your family’s’’ health we’re talking about here, not there’s.  

The average American consumes an average of 25 apples per year. That’s less than 1 apple every 2 weeks. That’s equivalent to eating a salad twice monthly and thinking you’re healthy. There’s no better time than apple season (now) to load the family in the car and head out to a local apple farm and/or farmers market. It might just be one of the best gifts you’ll ever give your family, do it now and tell them I sent you!

            Stay Healthy America


Ghosts and Goblins abound! Halloween is coming and the kids are extremely excited! It’s a beautiful time of year when leaves fall and the air cools just in time for our children to run wild through the neighborhood scavenging for free candy. The faster they run, the more they collect. Kids are not the only ones excited, so are major candy manufacturers, dentists, doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately parents of these unsuspecting little children will purchase somewhere in the neighborhood of ‘’Three Hundred Billion Dollars’’ worth of candy (poison) this season for the sole purpose of making their kids happy. Does Halloween really make kids happy, or just sick with a lifetime addiction of misery and illness? Happiness is the last thing that comes to mind when a young child is crying while puking their guts out from sugar and chemical poisoning! Waiting in a doctors office (or ER) for hours just to receive a prescription for a gut destroying medication for your innocent little baby’s already destroyed gut is not what I would consider happy either!  


Everyone should be aware that processed sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. Several university studies proved the same results. That alone makes it extremely dangerous! Then add all of the food colorings, preservatives, hydrogenated trans fats, msg, emulsifiers, hardeners, cellulose, refined sodium and a thousand more poisons, then you have serious trouble! Serious trouble’’is not’’ something you wish on your precious children, is it?  Remember this, there is no truth in labeling so be sure to choose wisely for your halloween treats while shopping.    


Why give kids candy and inflame every organ in their precious little bodies when they would be just as happy with packets of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, and no I don’t mean gummies! Kids may not be excited if you drop an apple or orange in their bag but they love anything in flashy little packages. There are dozens of healthy options including fruit leathers, dollar store trinkets and even homemade sugarless desserts.  


Protect your little ghosts and goblins this halloween season by taking the poison out of their halloween and I don’t just mean candy!  Deadly drugs are showing up in candy all over America so it might be a good time to start breaking your children’s sugar habit. Keep them safe, not just from goolie monsters but these dangerous chemical and drug addictions that can and most likely will determine your family’s future health.


Get healthy America! 


Everyone wants a pretty face, right?  Of course we do!  It’s natural to want to continue looking youthful as we age because that’s when we looked our best. In our youth our young bodies are lean and strong and our face and skin is far from being worn from years of abuse, and just plain wear and tear!  We are beautiful in our youth and not so pretty as we age. At least that’s how most people perceive themselves. So how do you help with your wrinkled broken down skin, do you follow the fads?  Admit it, you know you do!  You have tried every face cream, scrub, collagen pill, powder, drink and snake oil that hit the market since you were a teenager. And now you keep waiting for the 9,999th product to come along, because everyone said it’s supposed to be great, you know, different from the others! This kind of thinking (or brainwashing) is equivalent to thinking your car gets newer every time you wash it.  When you see the amount of dollars wasted on fake powders and pills that promise beautiful skin, you would think it’s a national sports competition! It’s more than some countries’ annual budgets.  


So what is this sought after collagen thing that is worshiped by most every woman (and some men) on the planet? It was a discovery by an Indian scientist named Gopalasamudram Narayana Ramachandran in1953 and from that discovery we have learned how to consume the correct amino acids to feed it, naturally. Collagen is what keeps our skin plump, pretty and smooth so naturally we all want that. It’s a protein created by our consumption of amino acids and it’s not just for great skin. This protein makes up approximately 30% of the proteins in our body. These are fibrous connective tissues located throughout our body including our ligaments, bones, cells, eyes, digestive tract, tendons and organs and more. It’s a tissue that weakens as we get older, or as we continue to feed our bodies highly processed foods, with ‘’no’’ amino acids!!  So by eating inflammatory acidic foods, the wrinkling of our face may just be our own fault, maybe, read on!


The foods you consume play a much larger role in your health than you think. If you eat highly processed foods, you get diarrhea. Eat too much cheese, you get constipation. Don’t eat the right foods, your body won’t produce collagen, that’s a fact! Consuming overpriced pills and powders that are basically lifeless, just don’t, won’t, and never have worked to create a healthy body. The marketing, the hype and the pretty packages are usually what draws your attention, not to mention the ‘’lifelong drain’’ on your wallet. Having beautiful skin is as easy as eating delicious food. The earth was created perfectly to nourish our bodies with a deliciously healthy diet but as early as the year 1800 food refineries were up and running in America, and thus the American way started. More on that topic in my book ‘’healed by Farm’’.


Here’s my suggestion and what I do for youthful skin. Bone broth is my number one collagen builder. And don’t even think about hurrying over to your closest vitamin store for the processed powder kind, that’s not what I’m talking about here!  Most farmers markets will have some beef bones and/or chicken parts from free range animals available just for you. It’s very easy to make your own and extremely rewarding.  Eggs, lamb, beef and pork along with fish are great collagen foods. You know, some of the lifesaving foods that we were told not to eat by professionals 5 decades ago! We were told these foods make us fat and sick, not true, just the opposite!  Foods with abundant amounts of vitamin-C like fruits and vegetables work great for collagen building also. Seeds and nuts work great also but seem to be what most people look over way too often. One of my vitamin-C favorites this time of year is watermelon. Watermelon is also rich in lycopene and other nutrients that have the ability to increase blood flow, something vitally important for muscle (collagen) growth.


Show up and load up at your local farmers market this week and stock your kitchen with, yes, the real collagen builder. Start cooking extremely delicious foods today and stay healthy my friends.

~John Rankin~     

The old saying ‘’you are what you eat’’ couldn’t be more true now than at any time in history. Why now, you say?  Let’s take a look back just a few decades ago when the obesity and disease rate in our western civilization was much lower than it is today. My hometown had only one dialysis clinic 50 years ago, today there’s one on every corner. There’s a reason for that! In my 45 years of extreme research I have observed one specific fact that as more processed so-called food items came into the marketplace, more medications were distributed and more people got sick and started dying. When our shopping habits changed from getting the holiday ham at a local butcher shop to factory farming is when the problem started. When growing or buying our food at local farmers markets became a thing of the past, we substituted for food shipped from untrustworthy foreign lands and that’s also when the problem started. 


Gardens, not supplements and pills, end of story! Well I suppose you could say it’s that easy and it’s all I need to tell you, actually it is! It is very easy to become extremely lean and healthy except for one big roadblock. The one big problem that the western world and now most of the world has. That problem is known as sugar addiction!! Got your attention? You know exactly what I’m talking about! Those nasty little so-called treats that you constantly crave are nothing more than sugar (poison) bombs. Those sugar bombs are waiting to explode into everything from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and everything in between.                                                                                                        


Most of us  are aware of this but most never succeed at stopping this ugly monster from ravaging our 37 trillion cells. That’s where my story might help you!  But let’s talk about something else first. The thing that’s actually going to help you learn how to control your own health. Things like growing food, supporting local farmers markets, buying local vegetables and fruits and even adding foods like free range meats to your menu. When you eat fresh local foods your body will love you. When your gut is fed fresh out of the ground organic fruits and veggies, something wonderful happens. When I started following my own advice this happened. My sugar addiction ended and I became extremely lean and healthy with much more energy, more muscle, better vision, better sex life, better cognitive skills and the best blood tests results I had seen in decades. I did all of this by following the same advice I give you in my book ‘’Healed By Farm’’. It worked for me and it might work for you too. 


Wondering where to start? There’s a farmers market somewhere near you, google it and go, end of story again, well, almost. This is where you start by reading my inspirational life saving book ‘’Healed by Farm’’ and start enjoying your life again. You will learn valuable truths as you read and shop with your new farmer friends. The flavors of new and wonderful foods to come are the things that will change your life, not the old way that has a proven track record of nothing but misery with weight gain and illness. Here’s a great example of what you may not be doing. When summertime comes around most of us crave and invest in at least one healthy watermelon. That’s the problem, most people wait all year long just to eat one or two melons. When I suggest eating the local food of the season I mean every day of the season, not every year!!

Just imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful garden with your hands covered in healthy healing soil with vegetables, flowers and fruits growing all around you. Imagine delicious scents swirling in the air while beautiful life sustaining honey bees buzz around pollinating your food. And that’s only part of the picture. Gardening is very rewarding and relaxing and at the same time has the ability to lower blood pressure and ultimately help with most diseases, not to mention what you’ll learn about our beautiful earth in the process. 


Worldly signs are pointing to the very real fact that soon we may be growing our food out of necessity. Not to fear, this may be a good sign!  Everything in life comes down to making good choices, this choice of great health is yours, no one else’s, just yours!  





How true this quote really is!  Most Americans live a fast-paced lifestyle. We seem to love it.  Some do it because they love the adrenaline rush. Others do it to earn more money, and then there are those who live daily life wide open, just to survive. Most of western civilization is rushing around at warp speed all day long while eating on the run. The long hours most of us work can cause an extreme amount of unwanted health problems and chronic inflammation that easily can be attributed to a lifetime of disease and misery. Stress can also be a major player in many diseases such as heart disease, strokes, cancer and more. But as we take a look around the world we learn of other civilizations where people work even harder and longer hours than we do, without disease! So then one might think, just how is that even possible?  Well for one thing, healthy countries know a few things about how to handle their stress through their diet, with real food.  

Most of us are hungry after working hard all day. There’s a big gap between lunch and dinner.  So what kind of food or drink are your tastebuds rewarded with on your daily trip home? Do you carry fruit for times like these or do you stop at convenience (poison centers) stores while driving home? Hopefully not but a big percentage of people can’t drive past one without stopping to consume at least a few of the many inflammatory ingredients found at these convenient centers. Convenient for what, making our lives miserable?  Well that’s one way to put it since gas stations sell everything except good health! Besides the thousands of inflammatory candies, cigarettes, alcohol, chips, slurpees and donuts, they sell gasoline. None are meant for the human body to consume without wreaking havoc on our immune systems and causing obesity and disease!  Some folks eat at gas stations (fast food) everyday. That’s like playing russian roulette!  But would you consider playing that game? You say absolutely not because it’s deadly. It’s not deadly at first, only if you pull and keep pulling the trigger. So why do you keep pulling your health trigger everyday for lunch, over and over and over?  My thoughts are addiction since processed sugars are eight times more addictive than cocaine in every university study. You’re not eating there because you really enjoy the health benefits of dangerous inflammatory chemicals burned into your shriveled-up hotdog that’s been spinning for hours in an endless open air rack.

It’s all fun and games when you are in your youth or early adulthood and can eat anything that won’t eat you. That’s just the point I’m making here: poison food can destroy you if you let it! When we are young and eating so-called foods that are really just highly inflammatory refined carbohydrates, not food at all, things start to happen. Things like constipation, diarrhea, headaches, acid indigestion, cramping, heartburn and weight gain. These seemingly harmless symptoms seem to go away when we simply consume gut destroying over-the-counter drugs. That’s where most of our lifelong health and obesity problems start. When you spend a couple of decades (or more) living with bowel problems it simply means your body lacks essential fiber and nutrients. The lack of these easy to consume ingredients could (and easily does) lead to many digestive and intestinal tract cancers. Acid indigestion and heartburn seem harmless enough, and some just make light of the problem and usually comment “it’s just the onions.” Newsflash, onions do not cause a healthy body to burp them up like a cow with multiple stomachs!  A healthy gut will only invite healthy foods to digest properly. Warning: constant burping and/or acid indigestion is usually a precursor to stomach and esophagus cancer. However small these symptoms may seem, they won’t be small forever! 

Show me someone who consumes indigestion, headache or diarrhea medications year after year and I’ll show you an unhealthy body that’s needing medical care, or more than likely someone who is already on it!

The addiction is real my friends. Processed sugars, trans fats and added chemicals are no joke and will eventually destroy your health, it’s just a matter of time. They are everywhere and in almost 100% of our food. So what do we do, are we doomed? This is where I may be able to help. I grew up eating everything that should kill a person just like this story mentions but was given a second chance. Not many will be lucky enough for that extra chance. After 36 years of extreme research, I just couldn’t kick the sugar habit. I knew what to do just like you, but was addicted, just like you! Through years of research and trial and error I have created an easy and healthy plan in my book “Healed by Farm’’ that works for any and all who have a desire to kick this horrific addiction. My book will put you on the right path to obtaining extremely good health and can be found for those who are afraid of dying young!   


~John Rankin~

I always start my day with fruit included in my breakfast meal, how about you? We all eat fruit, right? Well not everyone and there are reasons for that, i’m just not sure i agree with most. It seems word on the street about fruit being tagged as a bad food has spread faster than it takes for an over ripe peach to hit the ground. Some friends and acquaintances are telling me they have quit (or cut back) eating fruit because it’s (all of a sudden) not as healthy as it once was thought. That it has too much sugar and causes weight gain. That it’s bad for diabetics. That it causes bloat and more. I say foul play and call this paid marketing movement total nonsense! Since when in history has fruit had the ability to become unhealthy, it hasn’t, ever!!  Why do you think everyone is slowing their fruit consumption at a time when other people and I are increasing ours? I’m doing so while receiving excellent health results at the same time. So what has changed that gives fresh (lifesaving- antioxidant loaded) fruit a bad rap?


It seems that big marketing power has once again taken our diets hostage and declared war on healthy foods that historically have been a reliable source of excellent lifesaving nutrition. The fruit industry must be reeling from this.  It’s totally unexceptable!  They have declared delicious natural fructose, high fiber and a war chest full of healthy antioxidants to be as dangerous as processed sugar, yet never seem to mention the hazards of processed sugars! Starting to get the picture?  Sugar is finally being recognized as a problem for diabetics and usually for good reason but apparently most type-2 diabetics have become fearful of eating fruit because of the sugar content. All sugars are not created equal, just like other foods. Be ready, you’ll be told differently. Processed sugars are mostly highly inflammatory, fructose from fruit is not! Inflammation is the root cause of most diseases. Natural fruit is loaded with insulin metabolizing fiber. That makes it great for diabetics, remember your body still has to process what you eat so everything in moderation. And yes, your insulin level may rise so put down those dangerous processed foods first and let it rise naturally. Fresh fruit is also extremely good for heart health because it will help you lose weight which will lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Now let’s look at gut health. Fruits like bananas, blueberries and apples are some of the healthiest foods on the planet for restoring excellent gut bacteria for a healthier immune system. Berries, oranges and avocados are huge brain boosters for learning and obtaining knowledge and to help prevent dementia.


Are you starting to see how fruit is bad for you yet, don’t worry, you won’t!  The notion that anything is good or bad for you should come from you and not mega marketing. It should be your decision and no one else’s! My extensive study into 2,000 years of food history firmly secures my theory that fruit is an excellent source of nutrition, hydration and just a great way to naturally enlighten our taste buds. Fruit is a staple at every meal in many parts of the world and has been for centuries, with excellent health results. These are just some of many examples of how fruit has been incorporated into healthy lifestyles for centuries. My book ‘’Healed By Farm’’ is a great eye opener and should be the last weightloss/healthcare book you’ll ever need. Get ready to get healthy America!!

~John Rankin~