Fresh vegetables in a basket


The old saying ‘’you are what you eat’’ couldn’t be more true now than at any time in history. Why now, you say?  Let’s take a look back just a few decades ago when the obesity and disease rate in our western civilization was much lower than it is today. My hometown had only one dialysis clinic 50 years ago, today there’s one on every corner. There’s a reason for that! In my 45 years of extreme research I have observed one specific fact that as more processed so-called food items came into the marketplace, more medications were distributed and more people got sick and started dying. When our shopping habits changed from getting the holiday ham at a local butcher shop to factory farming is when the problem started. When growing or buying our food at local farmers markets became a thing of the past, we substituted for food shipped from untrustworthy foreign lands and that’s also when the problem started. 


Gardens, not supplements and pills, end of story! Well I suppose you could say it’s that easy and it’s all I need to tell you, actually it is! It is very easy to become extremely lean and healthy except for one big roadblock. The one big problem that the western world and now most of the world has. That problem is known as sugar addiction!! Got your attention? You know exactly what I’m talking about! Those nasty little so-called treats that you constantly crave are nothing more than sugar (poison) bombs. Those sugar bombs are waiting to explode into everything from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and everything in between.                                                                                                        


Most of us  are aware of this but most never succeed at stopping this ugly monster from ravaging our 37 trillion cells. That’s where my story might help you!  But let’s talk about something else first. The thing that’s actually going to help you learn how to control your own health. Things like growing food, supporting local farmers markets, buying local vegetables and fruits and even adding foods like free range meats to your menu. When you eat fresh local foods your body will love you. When your gut is fed fresh out of the ground organic fruits and veggies, something wonderful happens. When I started following my own advice this happened. My sugar addiction ended and I became extremely lean and healthy with much more energy, more muscle, better vision, better sex life, better cognitive skills and the best blood tests results I had seen in decades. I did all of this by following the same advice I give you in my book ‘’Healed By Farm’’. It worked for me and it might work for you too. 


Wondering where to start? There’s a farmers market somewhere near you, google it and go, end of story again, well, almost. This is where you start by reading my inspirational life saving book ‘’Healed by Farm’’ and start enjoying your life again. You will learn valuable truths as you read and shop with your new farmer friends. The flavors of new and wonderful foods to come are the things that will change your life, not the old way that has a proven track record of nothing but misery with weight gain and illness. Here’s a great example of what you may not be doing. When summertime comes around most of us crave and invest in at least one healthy watermelon. That’s the problem, most people wait all year long just to eat one or two melons. When I suggest eating the local food of the season I mean every day of the season, not every year!!

Just imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful garden with your hands covered in healthy healing soil with vegetables, flowers and fruits growing all around you. Imagine delicious scents swirling in the air while beautiful life sustaining honey bees buzz around pollinating your food. And that’s only part of the picture. Gardening is very rewarding and relaxing and at the same time has the ability to lower blood pressure and ultimately help with most diseases, not to mention what you’ll learn about our beautiful earth in the process. 


Worldly signs are pointing to the very real fact that soon we may be growing our food out of necessity. Not to fear, this may be a good sign!  Everything in life comes down to making good choices, this choice of great health is yours, no one else’s, just yours!