Don’t do it again, you know, wait until the night before the holiday gathering to shop for food. It’s what most people do. I get it, most of us are busy with all of our worldly problems and put such trivial chores as shopping for food at the bottom of the to-do list. But do you really consider purchasing life sustaining food for your family as something trivial? I don’t think so, I think most of us have great intentions but end up with some ‘’not so healthy’’ food on the dinner table. The most spoken words after holiday meals is, I ate too much! You hear all the folks who can’t get off the couch say that, every year, every holiday, 3 hours after the meal! In no way am I making fun of those who overindulge, I used to be one of them. But now I have formed a new opinion after having only seconds to live! It’s not necessarily the amount of food that makes you visit the toilet round the clock for 3 days straight after that so-called great meal. 

The real and unfortunate problem with most last minute food is that it’s been heavily refined and becomes highly inflammatory, causing weight gain and disease! Not something you would want to give your family, right?  Of course not, we love our families, we just get busy! Most packaged, canned or bagged food has ingredient lists that resemble a chemical factory. Food additives are a scary thing! Just google any packaged food ingredient list and lookup the one that sounds like a petroleum product that resembles paint thinner. You’ll find out real quick, it is paint thinner!! Inflammatory chemicals such as MSG, processed sugars, colorings, preservatives, hydrocarbons, mercury and trans fat just to name a few are the real problem. These ingredients have much more effect on your body than simply overeating. Not saying overeating is healthy but these types of ingredients are the real culprit. They are the real reason most Americans are plastered to the couch in self induced diabetic comas after holiday meals. Just eating an overload of MSG and processed sugar alone is enough to make your heart race, swell your joints and give you intestinal cramps and headaches just to name a few. Overeating healthy food does not cause these problems, eating chemicals does!  How do I know this? My blood test results acknowledge it. And maybe yours can too if you make the same changes I made.   

Want to change your ways and watch your family become extremely healthy? Sure you do, so start here. Find your closest farmers market and support your local farmers, the payback will be well worth it. Markets don’t just sell fruits and vegetables. You’ll find beef, pork and chicken, milk and many more healthy and tasty items. Learning to shop off the grid takes time, shop there now and constantly search for better farmer friends. Have you ever chowed down on smoked ham or turkey from a local organic farm, if not, you might want to give it a try this holiday season. Also learn to make homemade sauces, creams, breads and desserts that are free from harmful chemicals. 

There’s enough sickness in the world but it doesn’t need to be at your house. You don’t have to live like that, life is full of choices and this one should rank at the top of your list. It takes a little planning at first to cook like your ancestors did but your family will love you for making this new way of life by simply cooking like great grandma did, without the chemicals. Enjoy the holidays and let’s see something new on the table!