Most of us will eat too much food during the Christmas and new year holidays. Unfortunately the biggest percentage of you will eat highly inflammatory disease causing foods! Unknowingly of course. Just a few weeks of holiday treats sitting everywhere including the workplace, school, the bank, grocery store and home can wreak physical and mental havoc on someone with a sugar tooth. I know this to be true because I was once that guy. I was the sugar king, and I paid dearly for that title!  I could suggest some healthy treats, recipes etc. but I’m not sure that would rock your world! And I think that’s just what you need, a good kick start! Most of us need some kickstarting around this time of year. Would it be great if you could lose an extreme amount of weight and inflammation during the holidays instead of the opposite? What about if your blood test results resembled a time long ago? Would that make your new year better? For the next 90 days you’ll be bombarded with dozens of the so-called newest and greatest fad diets. Your friends will tell you about the newest and greatest diet that someone told them about, that someone else told them about. That’s right, fad because they will only be around long enough to take your money. Sure they all work for a while, that’s because you always put down the bad foods while on the current diet, for a while. But then all of a sudden after a few short months (at best) you slip right back into your old eating habits and weight gain. That’s because no one has ever designed a plan to help crush your sugar addiction, until now! Most just simply tell you to eat healthy or to cut back on your sugar with no plan how to accomplish it, until now! You can try every diet on the planet but they’re not sustainable because no one has been able to teach you how to kick your fake food chemical addiction, my story will!  Most so-called experts have never done it themselves, I have!  After decades of hard research, I taught myself how to kick the addiction, the hard way! After having only seconds to live, I fixed it.


Now, through my death defying experience and 45 years of research, I can teach you the real life saving truths I have learned, the easy way! There’s really no need to panic about your health while going into the holidays. That is, of course, you’re planning on living it up with excessive amounts of alcohol and poison foods. That seems to be exactly what most Americans do and unfortunately some won’t make it until the next holiday! You always regret it afterwards but can’t seem to stop yourself, year after year. There’s one word for that, addiction! If addiction ‘’is’’ the real problem then you can just throw out the idea that dieting will solve anything. Eating inflammatory diet food ‘’is not a problem solver’’ by any means.     


My suggestion is to live happily through the holidays with a conscious mind about your current health situation. Decide what you want to look and feel like for the rest of your life. Set goals, don’t wait for the big health disaster to hit home. Slow down and take a breath, it’s not that hard to become who you once were. Be comfortable saying no when someone offers you harmful substances. Remember, misery loves company so your friends will harass you for not drinking that cola with them. Been there, done that but they’ll change their tune soon enough when they see your life saving results. Drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest and exercise and last but not least, read my very true and exciting life changing book ‘’Healed by Farm’’ and enjoy the recipes in my meal plan. These are the foods that changed my life for good and gave me blood test results of a teenager. Give it a try, do these simple steps and hopefully you will have the same wonderful results I have. Happy holidays my friends, I’ll be waiting to hear about your results.