Halloween candy bucket


Ghosts and Goblins abound! Halloween is coming and the kids are extremely excited! It’s a beautiful time of year when leaves fall and the air cools just in time for our children to run wild through the neighborhood scavenging for free candy. The faster they run, the more they collect. Kids are not the only ones excited, so are major candy manufacturers, dentists, doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately parents of these unsuspecting little children will purchase somewhere in the neighborhood of ‘’Three Hundred Billion Dollars’’ worth of candy (poison) this season for the sole purpose of making their kids happy. Does Halloween really make kids happy, or just sick with a lifetime addiction of misery and illness? Happiness is the last thing that comes to mind when a young child is crying while puking their guts out from sugar and chemical poisoning! Waiting in a doctors office (or ER) for hours just to receive a prescription for a gut destroying medication for your innocent little baby’s already destroyed gut is not what I would consider happy either!  


Everyone should be aware that processed sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. Several university studies proved the same results. That alone makes it extremely dangerous! Then add all of the food colorings, preservatives, hydrogenated trans fats, msg, emulsifiers, hardeners, cellulose, refined sodium and a thousand more poisons, then you have serious trouble! Serious trouble’’is not’’ something you wish on your precious children, is it?  Remember this, there is no truth in labeling so be sure to choose wisely for your halloween treats while shopping.    


Why give kids candy and inflame every organ in their precious little bodies when they would be just as happy with packets of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, and no I don’t mean gummies! Kids may not be excited if you drop an apple or orange in their bag but they love anything in flashy little packages. There are dozens of healthy options including fruit leathers, dollar store trinkets and even homemade sugarless desserts.  


Protect your little ghosts and goblins this halloween season by taking the poison out of their halloween and I don’t just mean candy!  Deadly drugs are showing up in candy all over America so it might be a good time to start breaking your children’s sugar habit. Keep them safe, not just from goolie monsters but these dangerous chemical and drug addictions that can and most likely will determine your family’s future health.


Get healthy America!