Garden Abundance vs. Fast Food?

Unfortunately, most Americans would choose the burger, fries, and coke–😩.  TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CHOICES!!!

Are you are having trouble losing weight or just trying to get your thyroid under control? You’re not alone!  Most Americans and now a large portion of the world are desperately trying to find out just what is going on with their less-than-ideal health. All of the so-called health magazines and television ads that we read just don’t seem to be doing the trick. All of the doctor’s visits and prescribed drugs don’t seem to be helping either.  And most of the good folks who I know and observe are cardio-ing themselves to a sweaty pulp just to get nowhere.

The answer is in your choices folks. I’m not saying your choices are easy. I know first hand as well as anyone that processed fake food addictions can absolutely take control of your thought processes when it comes to making healthy choices.

The human body evolved from holistic origins in nature, and yet the fake food industry and medical associations are offering options to heal our bodies from a synthetic chemical origin. Synthetic chemicals have never healed the human body and most certainly never will.

It’s not a surprise that we have spent decades trying to heal disease with chemicals just to keep failing. It’s also no surprise that real food heals disease and heals it very quickly.

Sadly and suspiciously most of the foods that actually will and do kill disease are taboo by most medical doctors. Why, you ask?  Are doctors trying to kill us?  No, not directly. In defense of most doctors, they spend years in medical school and work 10 to 12 hour days trying their best to heal us. Unfortunately, they have been drinking the same kool-ade as most Americans. They are under tremendous influence by the pharmaceutical and fake food industries.

Doctors just pass along information that is falsely documented by big industries. It is open book knowledge that these big corporations do research with none other than their own paid employees. It’s hard enough getting our own health in order without our own doctors misleading us about a product. If your doctor ever tells you it’s ok to eat just a little bit of high fructose corn syrup or to have one cheat day weekly “GET A NEW DOCTOR!!!” because the one you have is harming your health.

Most folks eat fast food daily with the excuse there is nothing else to eat. Well yes and no. No there are not many healthy restaurants in America for consumers to choose from. But yes there are many healthy options to choose from. And no, not from fast food. Contrary to what most of us have been programmed to believe through massive marketing in these fast-paced days we live in, all food does not come from restaurants. We all know that fast food and most all restaurant food is loaded with very addictive disease-causing sugars, refined sodium, msg, and hydrogenated trans-fat.

Here’s my recommendation. Visit your local farmers market, buy some real tasty vegetables, fruits, cheeses, bread, etc. and take just one week off from your restaurant (chemical) addiction. Take your all-natural real food to work, save the stressful half hour round trip through the drive-through, and at the end of the first week look at your hands, ankles, and face and be surprised to see your inflammatory swelling quickly going away.

During your trial week your liver is going to scream for sugar so just have some of my sugar-free chocolates ready in advance. They are sweetened with honey and will get you through the addiction without the inflammation from processed sugars. And always remember not to trust food labels that include so-called pure cane sugar. It’s a con, folks. Most sugar is pure and from cane. What makes it lethal is the high heat refining process. BUYER BEWARE!

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