Healthy Fried Chicken

Believe it or not, fried chicken the John Rankin Way is very healthy…contrary to what we’ve been led to believe for the past 50 years that all fried chicken is unhealthy and causes heart disease. That propaganda is just totally false. And by listening to untrue so-called scientific data, Americans have become not only fat and sick from eating processed foods but also malnourished from the lack of Mother Nature’s healthy foods.

These deceiving kinds of scientific data came into the marketplace at the same time we were told (by the same mad scientists) that processed sugar was healthy. This was also the time when processed sugar began to be added to everything from ice cream to toothpaste. We have been told for decades to not eat saturated fats–that they were unhealthy. Not true. The only unhealthy thing about fried chicken is that most of our sources come from restaurants where they cook the fried chicken in trans fats.

Most of us are unaware of the very simple fact that when a restaurant cook turns the fryers on in the morning using so-called non-trans fat oil, this oil quickly becomes trans fat. These vegetable-based oils become toxic in a couple of hours under the highly intense boiling temperatures.

Everyone should know that you can ruin the very best cold-pressed oil and turn it into trans fat in just a few minutes by adding extreme heat. But most of us have never learned that very important fact.

I personally fry my chicken in home-rendered lard made at low heat from the fat of a healthy pig. Then I keep the frying process to low temperatures. Hear me out folks. Lard has only been vilified because of the refined cooking oil mega giant fake food industries and their greed for money. Something that you probably don’t know is that lard has LESS saturated fat than coconut oil or olive oil. Lard is loaded with oleic acid–the same thing in olive oil that is so healthy for us. In my professional opinion (and others) lard is probably the second highest source of vitamin D on the face of the earth– sunshine being the highest.

The flavor of foods cooked in lard are out of this world. Why do you think most great chefs add pork fat to their beans while cooking instead of a processed oil from a can? Lard has been used for thousands of years prior to anyone ever having a clogged artery.

Healthy non-inflammatory oils do not clog arteries! Inflammatory oils do!

Now do not run out to your local grocery store and expect to find lard– even though some specialty stores sell it. BUYER BEWARE! Most of these stores sell a ‘hydrogenated’ version which equates to being processed with high temperatures—again this equals trans fat.

Every farmer’s market in America sells healthy pork fat or knows someone who does. I will post an article very soon and show you how simple it is make it.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.