Cocaine Tooth Drops For Kids


Why are Americans so easily marketed and why do we believe everything that comes along that is supposedly going to save all mankind?  I hope this is where I come in to teach you how to make your own healthy choices for your family– without big corporations trying to convince you of things that are just not true.

Some of us might just say, that was then and now is now and we are much smarter than we used to be.  Some might say that but it’s just not true where in America we have the best healthcare in the world and yet the most disease of anywhere in the world.

So have we really learned anything since 1883 when this ad was publicized? No one loves this country any more than I do but most folks still just don’t get it.  In a country that was formed by very wise people winning revolutions and world wars, we just don’t seem to be on our game anymore.

When you quiz your children for doing something bad you ask every question possible to get to the absolute truth of the matter.  But when some unknown guy serving food samples at the mega giant fake food store tells you a product is the greatest, then you fill your buggy with it.

Like you I have personally witnessed this marketing and perhaps unlike you I am amazed how easily some good folks are conned. I have seen these vendors push things loaded with hydrogenated heart stopping oils, cancer causing processed sugars, and monosodium glutamate– just to watch the customers thank them for it.

Okay customers please don’t get mad, I’m just the messenger and I’m here to help you.

At one time in history cocaine was in everything from baby’s milk to soft drinks. Most folks think we learned from those days and we are too smart to ever get conned like that again.  NEWS FLASH!!!  Obviously we have not learned.  We have witnessed 132 years of being sold disease-causing hydrogenated oils, tobacco, chlorine and flouride, herbicides and pesticides, margarine, sugar, imitation sweeteners, microwaves, food dyes, MSG, bleached and fumigated white bread and inflammatory refined sodium– just to name a few.

University studies prove processed sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. We all agree it was a horrific time in history when children were given cocaine filled products.  Yet we still give our children something (sugar) 8 times more addictive–something that seems harmless but actually causes horrible extreme inflammation in their fragile small bodies.

We are very trusting of these people who really don’t care about your health. Their sole job is to increase profits for their shareholders. You will never beat the battle of the bulge or fight off the grim reaper if you keep trusting the same big fake food companies that have been destroying Americas health for generations.

My recommendation?  Wise up!  Ask questions about your food.  Read all food labels.  Stay away from all fast food.  Grow a garden.  Frequent your local farmer’s market.  And follow me!  Let’s take this journey together.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.