Wild Game Anyone?

Now before you get all squeamish hear me out, folks. I have friends and acquaintances who have actually never eaten wild game of any kind. To be more precise most of the Western civilization has never eaten it! Most people give me a look of disgust when I offer it to them and tell me they would rather eat something from the grocery store that has been inspected and cleaner!

Usually, at this point in the conversation, I try really hard to suppress my laughter. NEWSFLASH!! There is absolutely nothing in an American grocery store that is cleaner and healthier than wild game. Not even close! I’m not really sure what most folks think humans ate prior to the 20th century, but I can guarantee you it wasn’t pre-packaged processed fake food.

Let’s take a look at cattle grazing on growth hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified corn and soybean meal vs. an elk or deer grazing on green grass, honeysuckle, berries, and foods like natural wild nuts and seeds. No comparison, not even close. One animal is going to be very sick and one very healthy just like humans who eat those opposite diets.

Now, what do you think happens to the human immune system when you eat unhealthy diseased meat?  You got it: you become diseased. Wild game is an extremely good source of healthy lean protein and depending on how it’s cooked can become a very delicious meal.

I am an avid hunter and when I watch what a deer eats in the wild, I have no problem harvesting that animal for my family to eat.

BUT BUYER BEWARE….You surely wouldn’t think there would be anything to worry about after all the great things I just told you about the benefits of healthy wild game. The word wild game is where it gets tricky.

Remember there is such a thing as farm-raised wild game. Farm and wild just don’t mix. Just like farm-raised fish these animals are fed diets of sugary processed grains in order to fatten the animals to bring the highest price at market. DON’T BUY THEM!!!

Now I’m not trying to convince everyone to run out and buy a hunting rifle (heaven forbid) and head into the woods. It’s just not for everyone. However, most states do not allow the sale of wild game without a special license. Most hunters who I’m acquainted with are respectful avid outdoorsmen who will gladly share some of their harvest just for asking. Ask around folks and I’m fairly certain that you will fill part of your freezer with lean healthy free meat.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.