Salt: Is It Good For You?


For most of our lives we have been told that salt is unhealthy. Who’s been telling us this you might ask?  Is it the same people who have precisely guided America’s health into a spiraling train wreck?  Doctors, scientists and the American Heart Association have for sixty years constantly bombarded us with information that salt is anything but good for us. It is also common knowledge that the American Heart Association gets their so-called scientific data from these same doctors and scientists.

If you ask anyone with high blood pressure or who has any heart condition they will tell you their doctor won’t allow them to consume any salt whatsoever. Like several minerals and nutrients, salt has been in the ground for millions of years. It has been consumed by humans and animals as well, and we would perish without it.

Well, let’s just take a closer look at this tasty supposedly dangerous substance. First of all most doctors don’t understand the fact that just like most foods salt comes in two versions:  a very inflammatory refined version and the very anti-inflammatory unrefined versionRefined salt is the kind most of us in the western civilization have used since childbirth, the very dangerous inflammatory kind. Yes the kind that causes weight gain, swollen joints, high blood pressure and an array of disease. Why you ask?

Most salt naturally comes out of the earth with 84 trace minerals and macrominerals. Here’s where it gets tricky. Mega giant fake food refineries cook the salt at 1,200 degrees.  This process instantly oxidizes it and makes it inflammatory to the human body.  This high heat also reduces the eighty-four healthy minerals to around four.

Next, it is bleached in order to make it perfectly white. Hmmm, bleach kills bacteria including healthy human gut bacteria. Toxins like sodium ferrocyanide or heavy metal aluminum powder are also added as an anti-caking agent. And last but not least corn sugar and MSG have been reported as ingredients–these of course are not exposed to the consumer. And yes these last two highly addictive ingredients are very inflammatory and disease causing.

Naturally salt has just the right amount of iodine– but the cooking process depletes it. Fake food refineries add their dangerous liver killing synthetic version of iodine back to the mix and tout it as added iodine to make you the consumer think it has extra good stuff added just for you. BUYER BEWARE!!  Basically it has been pasteurized (like many unhealthy food products) and as I like to refer to it as dead food.

Now let’s take a look at what I like to refer to as healthy life-sustaining salt.  You need to get educated first of all with what marketing is trying to do to make you think their salt is healthy.  American fake food companies like to start food fads to get us excited and want to buy their products. One of those food fads is sea salt. Everywhere you look on the shelves there are products touting the name sea salt as something healthy. The problem is that if the label only says sea salt and not unrefined sea salt it is most likely refined by none other than the American refined salt manufacturers and comes from the Gulf of Mexico–the waters of which are loaded with heavy metals.

There are several unrefined salt sources around the globe to choose from.  My personal favorite is pink Himalayan salt. It is mined in Pakistan in the Khewra Salt Mine which is located about 195 miles from the Himalayan Mountains. It is approximately 850 feet above sea level and was flooded thousands of years ago. It is also the second largest mine in the world. It is mined by workers using pick axes and then hauled out of the mine in football size chunks. Unrefined salt such as this source is never cooked and never loaded up with any extra (toxic) additives. It is simply harvested and sent to your table as a very healthy source of electrolytes and trace minerals.

Real salt is loaded with such things like potassium, manganese, magnesium, iodine, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, and sodium in a natural form. The human body needs salt just to exist on earth but just like all other foods, salt should be eaten in moderation. Just because it is a healthy version does not mean you can empty the salt shaker daily. Doing so can cause health problems.

Real sea salt with the proper electrolytes can be very healthy for your body.  It helps our muscles and central nervous system to function as well as our brain and thyroid. For the folks who simply just don’t eat salt, you could be missing some very important minerals.  You can also suffer from a loss of your body’s naturally producing hydrochloric acid, a loss which can wreak havoc on your digestive system.

Healthy salt is a great source of nutrition when used in moderation. Check it out today and switch from the bad refined salt and watch inflammation and disease leave your body.  This is a smart and easy fix–one that you will be absolutely glad that you made.  Pink Himalayan salt comes in several sizes from ground to rock salt. I personally prefer the rock salt and hand grind it as the pre-ground version seems somewhat gritty. Also as I have said many times before I like my food whole when I purchase it because it holds the nutrients and antioxidants together longer.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.