Summer Squash


Why would we need 67,000 drug stores you ask? No, that’s not a misprint–it’s just a SICK fact!! Most of us can remember a time in our lives when only one drug store would service a whole community. Each section of town had one small independently owned drug store.

I also remember at that same time it only took one person to work the entire pharmacy. You could also get a prescription filled in around 8 minutes. Today it takes a minimum 1/2 hour from a staff of 5.

Thirty years ago when drugstores starting popping up on every corner our first thought was to assume it was nothing other than big business taking over again. Most of us just assumed it was about money.  Oh, it was!!  We just didn’t have a clue how much money and what else was coming.

The pharmaceutical companies saw it coming. The WWII generation was retiring and 76 million baby boomers were becoming middle-aged. Remember the WWII generation is the one where folks smoked filterless cigarettes and drank hard liquor most of their sick lives. And then their 76 million kids came along who were nicotine, drug and alcohol addiction dependent before they even left the womb. These same helpless children have now spent their entire lives consuming lethal doses of chemically processed fake food. Are you starting to get the picture folks?

Almost everyone we know is consuming at least one prescription drug on a daily basis. 76 million innocent sick people = a drug store literally on every corner of America. America spends 2 1/2 times more on healthcare than any of the wealthier industrialized countries. We are also the sickest country amongst them. Why you ask? Because we keep consuming the newest best drugs that are certainly going to cure us of any disease that comes along. How do we know this? Because television commercials and magazine ads tell us so!

Well let me ask you just one question, how’s that working for you? So if an ad tells you which car or appliance to buy, do you run out and purchase it?  I hope not. If you do, then you are easily marketed and not making healthy decisions for yourself.

It’s time to wake up America and face the music. Not to worry, the music you need to face will actually be quite a pleasant surprise when you receive your next blood test results after simply changing your diet.

My suggestion:  start a garden and get to your local farmer’s market fast. Eat fresh naturally grown food from God’s green earth and I really don’t need to tell you what happens next.  Follow my guidance and you will discover the good news soon enough for yourself!

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.