Teaching Our Children The Secret To Life

I find it funny how doctors in America routinely tell us that the state of our health is defined by our family health history and genetics when they have never even met our parents or grandparents and have no idea what their lives included.  When we tell them that our parents had cancer, diabetes or heart problems, doctors always blame it on genetics.  The truth is that our parents and grandparents may have been raised on a diet that was highly inflammatory and without proper nutrients.  If doctors are telling you that you are sick because your parents or grandparents were, then you should shop for a new doctor immediately.

I will tell you how we change the unhealthy gene pool in our family:  we teach our offspring the secrets to life.  In 99% of cases of poor health, the problem is not genetics.  In defense of the doctors, they are not taught good nutrition in medical school and most work ten-hour plus days and learn new remedies from pharmaceutical reps.  To those few doctors who study nutrition and truly help others with their knowledge– I give you a thumbs up. Unfortunately, those are far and few between.

Humans have been healthy for thousands of years and are still healthy in countries where folks eat a diet of anti-inflammatory foods.  Whole foods heal.  Whole healing foods do not include processed sugars, msg’s, preservatives, herbicides, and pesticides.

In America, 19% of children are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. There is no blood test, brain scan or any other accurate method that confirms with absolute clarity to a doctor that your child does or does not have attention deficit. It is solely at the discretion of your doctor looking at your child during those few minutes of your appointment time, then telling you that your child needs to be on a lifetime supply of addictive liver-killing prescription medications that literally turn your child into someone nothing like who they really are. It’s very shocking that during this appointment, the doctor usually never asks what you feed your child.  Then the doctor–who is usually under the persuasion of pharmaceutical company representatives–gives your child what medications the pharmaceutical company recommends is good for them.

Why is it that in the United States 19% of children are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, while in places such as France only 0.4% of children receive this diagnosis?  The difference is that the American diet includes massive amounts of unhealthy inflammatory oils, GMO grains, processed sugars, preservatives, food dyes and chemicals only an engineer could pronounce.  Just look at the labels of foods you buy and you will discover this is true.

In countries like France, the general population consumes real foods that are high in natural omega 3 saturated fats and other great nutrients from sources like raw grass-fed cheese, raw grass-fed unpasteurized dairy, unadulterated olive oils, real non-gmo grains, grass-fed meats, and plenty of fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables.  American children spend their days sucking on Slurpee’s and gobbling down candy, processed cereals, and cheesy chips.

Wouldn’t you like to save tens of thousands of dollars on medical bills and at the same time have a healthy child who lives their life without pain and suffering, who is strong and in perfect health?  It’s not a scientific phenomenon folks.  It’s not something in your child’s brain.  It’s just what you feed them!

The American diet is a joke amongst the industrialized countries.  Most native cultures have superior health to the health of the typical American. Hope is not lost though.  We as parents can actually give our children the secret to life by teaching them to eat healthy and showing them how to do things like raising chickens, keeping bees, and growing gardens.  Get your children off the couch and away from the television and spend more time outdoors with them!  Do the natural things that we were intended to do including frequenting your local farmers market.

I hear the excuses already: not enough time in the day, ballgames, school projects, etc.  Just calculate the time you spend at doctor visits and other medical treatments for your children, not to mention the costs associated with it.  The money you spend there can easily be spent on real whole foods that will nourish your children to grow and become a healthy, strong, and brilliant human being.

Teaching your children the truth about health and nutrition will without a doubt be the best gift you will ever give them.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.