The Benefits of Kefir

We have heard a lot lately about probiotics and the wonderful good health that is associated with them. Everywhere we look–from health food stores to gas stations–we see little bottles of pills and drinks that are called probiotics.  Our doctors, friends and magazine articles are touting the health benefits. Everyone you meet is excited about them, knowing they are good for you.  But do you really know what they are or what they do for your health?  Unfortunately, most people don’t.  They just take them because it’s the newest and most talked about thing in the marketplace.

Probiotics are microorganisms (live bacteria) that basically heal almost any disease the human body has.  How this works should be fairly simple, but in America, it seems that we just aren’t getting it right.  The usual answer:  gut bacteria.  Because of the great amount of antibiotics and processed refined foods that Americans eat, it’s a wonder that we are living as long as we are. In recent studies, it has been proven that the small intestine is 85% of your immune system. To put it bluntly most Americans have less than 15% of their immune system working in their bodies.  And we wonder why everyone is getting a disease.

A healthy gut controls everything from your brain cells to your thyroid.  When you drink a glass of raw unpasteurized kefir, your gut flora becomes saturated with billions of more healthy bacteria than when you just have pasteurized yogurt or milk.  This is great news for the folks who suffer daily from things like Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel disease.  Raw kefir is probably the only thing you’ll ever need again to heal those intestinal problems.

And with Kefir coming into the marketplace of America, please be sure and don’t be fooled by the brands sold in the marketplace.  It’s just not the same–sugared and processed kefir does not heal anything.

Isn’t it ironic how doctors just keep treating these diseases with medications that kill your gut bacteria and prevent you from healing in the first place?  I know from personal experience and those of dear friends that these real enzymes that mother nature put here on earth for us will actually heal our bodies.  I have experienced wonderful health from drinking it–everything from skyrocketing testosterone levels to excellent thyroid health has occurred in my body.

State-by-state you will find different laws for the distribution of raw unpasteurized dairy.  Most states allow it to be sold from private farmers (see  And for all of those who are concerned about E. coli, you are 18 times more likely to get it from store-bought spinach!

To all of those who follow me, I wish to tell you that the things I do and the stories I give you have healed my body and given me the blood levels and body fat of a teenager.

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family.

Get healthy America!