healing eggs vs sick eggs

Healing Eggs vs. Sick Eggs

When you go grocery shopping do you usually stand in your grocery store’s egg aisle with your head spinning wondering which eggs to buy?  Most of us do because there usually are several prices to choose from, not to mention the labeling that gives the eggs a title anywhere from free range, caged, cage free, grass fed or even vitamin infused.

My first reaction would be to say never buy store-bought eggs again!

When I question people about the eggs they purchase and why they purchase that particular brand, they usually tell me because it’s supposed to be a really good egg and they can’t tell me why other than they remember seeing them on a television advertisement. AHH! Marketing!

I have news for you folks:  great marketing does not equal great healthy food. Actually it’s usually just the opposite. Well we certainly all know that we do not want eggs that come from caged chickens that sit in tiny 10″ boxes their whole life in a dark building eating antibiotics and growth hormones added to their diet of genetically modified corn and soybean meal.  But if you think you can just skip buying the eggs from those chickens and move on to the cage-free chickens, you’re not doing much better.

The 10,000 so called cage free chickens in the picture shown are laying anything but healthy eggs.  So then you might decide to pay the extra two dollars and buy the free-range eggs.   The egg producers have us believing these eggs come from chickens that are outside and eating what mother nature produces. Guess what– wrong again.

Federal regulations allow the producers to label their eggs free-range in the picture I show here with the 10,000 chickens.  They allow this label to be used when a man-sized door is left open at the end of the half-mile long chicken house. These chickens have had their wings and beaks clipped and would not go out the door if they were pushed out. They are crammed into buildings like sardines in a can, also eating pellets made from genetically modified corn and soybean meal with antibiotics and growth hormones. They are addicted to these high starch foods like mice in a cocaine study. The only vitamin D or any other vitamins they receive are from an unhealthy synthetic liver killing source. Most chickens that are fed this kind of diet end up with a good dose of liver disease.

So if you prefer to eat genetically modified starchy foods and antibiotics with synthetic vitamins, then store-bought eggs are definitely for you.

A healthy egg is an extremely great source of high quality protein–7 grams in each, loaded with natural vitamins such as lutein (which helps with age-related macular degeneration) and choline (which helps with brain development  and memory), being an especially great choice for pregnant women.

Eggs also have a very high source of selenium.  For healthy thyroid they have vitamin A, B 12, B2, phosphorus, B5 and folate. If you want to consume a wonderful natural source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, then I strongly recommend that you find a local farmer who sells real free-range eggs. There’s more of these guys around than you might think.  If you don’t know of any, head to your local farmers market and ask.  It is my recommendation that you start doing most of your  shopping with your local farmers, and don’t trust the mega fake food outlets.  And don’t forget to always take your children so they can learn young and stay healthy.  You will receive a great source of good health from all-natural eggs that come from chickens that eat what Mother Nature provides for them!

I sincerely care about you and the health of your family!

Get Healthy America!