Black Seed Oil


Nigella Sativa is not a common name that we hear every day but most of us have heard the word black seed, cumin seed or seen them in the store or cooked with them. They grow on a small flowering bush and will grow in most any soil. They originated and are most popular in northern Africa, eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, India and parts of the Mediterranean. They have different names around the world such as black cumin, black caraway, black seed and many more. They have been used for cooking and herbal medicine for thousands of years, just not in our neighborhood. They are used in many delicious and healthy meals including seasoning on bread. But there’s much more to this little wonder than just cooking great food. 


When black seed oil is extracted from the seeds it becomes an extremely healthy organic anti-inflammatory substance. In my professional opinion I believe it is equivalent to CBD oil or better in specific ways, supposedly they both have disease killing properties. Black Seed also helps you sleep much better with its muscle relaxing and pain relieving capabilities. Some other exciting benefits of this super antioxidant is that it helps with everything from blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, aids, heart disease to hair loss and much more. I have personally witnessed it wiping out acne almost overnight, so it is extremely good for skin treatment. I have also enjoyed the great pain relieving benefits from black seed oil for 10 years, with great results! 


So you say, then just why haven’t we heard of this, if it’s so great?  Simple, it seems to cure things just like it has around the world for thousands of years. It’s been labeled as experimental, unproven and alternative in our world here at home. Thousands of years of use and my pain free body for ten years is proof enough for me. Do your homework and purchase a cold press organic product and get started to better health today my friends. I promise, you’ll love the results!