Child planting a garden with adult


Over 50% of those who read this will instantly assume they don’t have time to grow a garden and just won’t do it, period! With those thoughts in mind, you may be missing something extremely important in your life, a big something! Read why I think it’s worth the time. I also know if you ever start growing, you’ll never stop. Read my reasons why I think growing a garden will be one of the most important things you’ll ever do, ever! 

  1. TIME: Free food alone should be enough to convince us but unfortunately convenience is something Americans love. We love it so much that we visit a grocery store 3-4 times weekly on average. That’s up from once a week during our parents’ generation. That doesn’t sound like convenience to me! Zipping in and out of mega giant supermarkets 3-4 times a week, after a 5 minute parking space search. Then a hundred yard car dodging dash, just to get in the front door!  Do the math, 3 hours per week relishing in a beautiful holistic garden growing healthy life-sustaining food, or 6-10 hours burning gas and raising your blood pressure. If you need to graduate into this growing thing slowly, visit and support your local farmers markets.You’ll find that it just takes a couple of hours weekly to find everything you need. Ask the farmers questions, most don’t mind and will lead you in the right direction, they’re good folks.  
  2. SAVINGS: How much do you spend purchasing cheap (less than healthy) produce? Possibly over one hundred dollars monthly and much more if you have a large family. Have you ever calculated exactly how much you spend? You might be surprised, and also happy to find out how much you can save just by enjoying the great blessings mother nature has to offer. Not to mention, ‘’free food’’. It’s very well possible to save somewhere between one and ten thousand dollars annually on your grocery bill. I sincerely hope this is starting to sound interesting, great health and deeper pockets will follow you as you make these exciting lifestyle changes.
  3. SMARTER KIDS: The healthiest thing children (or you) can do is to eat what you grow. There’s nothing better than stepping outside and picking dinner directly from the vine. Haven’t you been wishing for a way to get the kids off of the couch and into the great outdoors. So throw those kids out in the south forty and tell them not to come inside until they have the harvest!  Well, not exactly but every subdivision yard on the planet should be covered in beautiful organic heirloom food. And at the same time you can naturally teach your children how to save money, exercise, grow and consume deliciously healthy food, for free!! Not a bad deal if you ask me. Studies also show that farm kids who regularly have their hands in soil with all the microorganisms that come with it, have much better health, and less medical bills. So technically there’s more savings than just growing veggies, and this is just the beginning of your new healthy savings. Save big money, feel better, the kids are happier, healthier and have much less attention deficit problems. Over 19% of children in America are diagnosed with attention deficit, only 0.4% are diagnosed with it in France. Same kids, same world, different food!! Are you starting to get the picture?
  4. HEALTHIER BODIES: The fact that you will be eating fabulously delicious heirloom fruits and veggies right from your yard will certainly guarantee better health for you and your family. There’s no comparison between food that comes from unknown foreign lands that’s picked four weeks too early, and the tasty and healthy food growing just outside your window! You will soon be eating food that’s not covered in herbicides and pesticides so the antioxidant levels are much higher, not to mention the flavors! Just eating food that is not processed with harmful chemicals will help improve everything from your hair to heart disease.

If you thought you could improve your health and mindset of the whole family by simply growing a few veggies, would you? I did and my results became ‘’off the charts’’ great! What do you have to lose? Overweight disease more than likely. Happy planting and get healthy, my friends.