The Immune System is the Path to Health

Have you given much thought as to why the major medical companies are now looking into immune system cures for everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease? I totally agree with them 100%: the immune system can cure a lot of ills.

It’s very obvious that pre-20th century human health was much better than it is today. Most American diseases didn’t exist in our society until the introduction of un-natural man-made food additives such as: hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, monosodium glutamate, food dyes, preservatives and much more.

Would you like it if we could possibly prevent Covid-19 or any other disease in our bodies by simply changing a few small things in our way of eating? And what if we could actually lose unwanted body fat (along with the diseases it causes) during the same simple process? Does this sound too easy? It might be possible to reach this state of excellent health by building a healthy immune system on your own, without chemical medications mixed with your once healthy food.

Most of us are quickly becoming aware that a healthy immune system begins in the gut. That’s right, the food you eat can determine a healthy immune system, or not! Fairly new science has discovered that approximately 80% of the human immune system originates in the gut so the old saying, “you are what you eat” is actually a reality.

So how does this immune system building work? It involves such things as shopping for fresh produce at farmers markets, growing, cooking, fermenting and consuming live food. One of the extra benefits of my way of eating is that you will enjoy extremely tasty food while shedding dangerous body fat at the same time!.

This lifestyle plan has worked for me and given me back my perfect health as evidenced in my very low body fat percentage, extreme energy like a kid again, and very youthful blood tests results. My successful discoveries are what inspired me to share my healthy living program (30 day meal plan included) with as many true health seekers as possible.

My book “Healed by Farm” has all the tools you need to get started on your own healthy journey, starting now!!

My incredible journey has given me perfect health, and I believe without a doubt that it will work for you too!