Hand Sanitizer


The word on the street these days seems to be you might get very sick and even die if you don’t immediately double-scrub yourself with chemical sanitizers every time you touch something.

The extremists advocate a regimen of doing the same to your house, car, mailbox – everything you might touch.

The chemicals in the products many are using include bleach and alcohol and many more ingredients not made for humans.

I have witnessed people rubbing down the entire body with these dangerous chemicals, as though a skunk just sprayed them.

I get it: Folks are scared and don’t know who or what science to believe. However, most in the medical field are not teaching preventative or holistic medicine. Personally, I believe there are no synthetic chemicals that should be introduced to a healthy red-blooded human.

Which is more dangerous, the virus or the chemicals we believe will protect us from it? Did some succeed in avoiding the virus by using sanitizing chemicals? Probably, but are people setting themselves up for serious prolonged damage to their entire endocrine system from chemical poisoning?

Some very important bodily functions are controlled by the endocrine system, including blood pressure, metabolism, hormones, heart rate, appetite, sleep, and sexual reproduction. The human body is a totally holistic life form. Most of the chemicals we are using are not holistic and our bodies were never meant to be scrubbed with them.

Among the possible results of overusing these sanitizers is serious antibacterial resistance, similar to heavy exposure to antibiotics. Most sanitizers act as an antimicrobial that kills bacteria. The problem is that it also kills our healthy bacteria, the bacteria that keep us alive.

Should you engage in a panic period of scrubbing your body down with disinfectant, you end up killing the good bacteria that normally helps protect you from the bad. It appears a wiser move is to wash your body with water or soap and water. Farmer’s markets and health food stores sell homemade soaps made only with all-natural ingredients. These are the only cleaners I believe I should use. A majority of commercial soaps are a shower full of chemicals.

There are mechanisms to boost the good, invisible, protectors of the body. I dig in the dirt without gloves while gardening, exposing my skin to healthy microorganisms. These good bacteria help the immune system to a healthy level. Yes, just play in the dirt like you did when you were a kid – it’s healthy.

Our current bacteria-fighting spree could have an adverse effect most have not considered. Even in normal times, the poison control centers reported more than 20,000 cases a year of overexposure to chemicals, sanitizers being a large portion of these numbers. Far too many poison emergencies involve small children ingesting it. Now, this will become an even more severe problem most of us never saw coming. Additionally, teenagers are regularly hospitalized from drinking alcohol sanitizer for the high it gives them. They seem oblivious to the possible effects: diarrhea, blindness, memory loss, and damage to the internal organs.

The human body was built to be exposed to germs and bacteria. All bacteria are not dangerous. In fact, there are more healthy bacteria surrounding us than the unhealthy kind. Those bacteria create a healthy immune system and protect us from the disease.

A sanitizing ingredient that seems to be very overused during this pandemic is bleach. Most folks are under the impression if bleach is sold in grocery stores, it is relatively safe to use. Bleach, like battery acid, is a corrosive chemical and can cause some serious eye, skin, and lung problems.

Many of the sanitizing chemicals can be harmful to you and your family when overused or wrongly used. Be smart and don’t send your child to the emergency room because you left a bottle cap loose. Lock up household chemicals and use them only on surfaces and laundry, not on the human body. Keep everyone safe during this time of pandemic.

This is the reality: Most Americans are walking around with less than ideal immunity due to an unhealthy gut system. You can remedy that, naturally, before this virus mounts another round this fall.

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Yours in health, John Rankin